Thaeme emerges with her baby in Florida and vents about hurricane

Thaeme Mariôto showed her family, in the USA, and talked about the hurricane that will pass through the place

The singer Thaeme, Thiago’s duo, is traveling as a family. The celebrity is the mother of two girls. His eldest daughter Liz is three years old. The youngest, on the other hand, completed her first year of life this month. The two are the result of the marriage of the famous with the businessman Fábio Elias with whom he made the union official in 2015.

The famous took a break from her schedule to hit the road with her husband and daughters! The destination chosen by them was the city of Orlando, Florida. The place is famous for hosting many themed amusement parks, with aquatic options, which are the taste of adults and children alike!

But the date chosen for the tour was not the best. Despite Thaeme having planned the trip thinking about celebrating his birthday, on October 4th, the Florida region will be hit by Hurricane Ian, which was classified in category 4 – extremely dangerous.

This Wednesday (28), the storm reached some cities in Florida and the local recommendation is that people stay inside their homes. The Brazilian is following all the guidelines to the letter and is with her family in a gigantic property that she rented to spend a few days.

On her social media, the artist responded to many fans who were worried. “I heard there is going to be a hurricane there? How are you?” asked a follower. The singer stated, “Honestly! Very afraid! The cell phone beeped an ’emergency siren’ with this message several times! We are already home and we are not going out for the next 2 days! May God take care of everyone who is in the sights of this hurricane”.

Thaeme he made sure that everything was fine there and even showed the strong winds, through one of the windows of the house. When posing with her youngest daughter, she said that she prepared the property for the storm and the family kept all the objects that were in the external area of ​​the residence.

The singer Thaeme Mariôto showed the beautiful house where she is staying with her family in Orlando, USA

Instagram reproduction The singer Thaeme Mariôto showed the house where she is staying with her family in Orlando, USA

Thaeme, Thiago's partner, talked about the trip and vented about the hurricane that should hit the region

Instagram reproduction Thaeme, Thiago’s partner, talked about the family trip and vented about the hurricane that should hit the place where they are

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