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New Viola Davis movie The King Woman is already promising to be one of his most intense and thought-provoking films yet, and with a filmography as dense and acclaimed as Davis’s, that’s a pretty bold statement. The actress has been involved in several unforgettable projects over the years, making her one of the most sought after talents of this generation.

The Oscar-winning actress has developed a reputation as one of the most consistent and reliable actresses working today, so it’s fair to say that expectations for The King Woman probably couldn’t be bigger. Audiences are more than excited to see Davis on the big screen again, delivering one of her fiercest performances yet.

10 Fences (2016) – 3.5/5

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Denzel and Viola Davis sit on the porch steps at Fences

Viola Davis stars opposite Denzel Washington in this dramatic retelling of August Wilson’s famous play, with many of the actress’ fans citing this as her best performance to date. She brings the character of Rose to life in a way that no other actress could have, navigating her trauma and poverty with overwhelming emotion.

Davis has a long history with August Wilson and his works, so his involvement in fences it was especially important and personal to her. Alongside Washington, she works tirelessly on the film to explore the many social themes that Wilson first put on paper in 1983.

9 Widows (2018) – 3.5/5

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Widows - Viola Davis as Veronica, talking and looking serious

by Steve McQueen widows is one of the most underrated dramas of recent years, telling the story of a group of women who come together to carry out a robbery that their husbands died executing. Like many of Davis’ works, widows is an incredibly emotional work of art that explores the value of women in society.

the entire cast of widows is incredibly talented, with standout performances from Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debicki, but it’s Viola Davis who steals the show as the film’s lead. She is simply one of the most attractive and captivating actresses in the business – whenever she appears on screen, it is impossible to look away.

8 Traffic (2000) – 3.6/5

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A character sitting in the car in Traffic

The role of Viola Davis in Steven Soderbergh Traffic It may be small, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t memorable. She plays a social worker who finds herself embroiled in America’s drug war, bringing a much-needed glimpse into humanity in this dark, impersonal story about crime and consequences.

Traffic remains one of Steven Soderbergh’s best films, thanks to its elegant storytelling and quick editing. These elements propel the story forward at a breakneck pace and keep the audience engaged from start to finish. There are few directors who can maintain a story as electrifying as Soderbergh, and Traffic proves just that.

7 The Suicide Squad (2021) – 3.6/5

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Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad Control Room

Davis first appeared as the sinister government agent Amanda Waller in the David Ayer film. Suicide squad, but it wasn’t until James Gunn’s elegant soft reboot of the franchise that she finally got her chance to shine. Gunn’s script works much better than Ayer’s on several levels, but one of the most obvious is Waller’s character development.

Even in a film that boasts one of the most expansive sets in recent memory, Davis still manages to hold his own as the film’s secondary antagonist – and one of the most complex characters in this twisted story. She brings the ferocity and power to the role that makes her so memorable in all of her projects.

6 Out of Sight (1998) – 3.7/5

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An image of George Clooney looking at someone off-screen in Out of Sight

out of sight it was one of Davis’s first mainstream projects, and while she only appears briefly in a supporting role, she immediately makes her presence known. Thanks to a generous portion of Soderbergh’s characteristic ostentation, out of sight It’s actually one of the funniest action movies of the 90s.

Davis’ character doesn’t have much to do in the film, but she certainly makes the most of what little material she has. It’s this dedication to her role that likely convinced Soderbergh to put her back in Traffic, which in turn began her journey into the Hollywood star she is today.

5 Far From Heaven (2002) – 3.7/5

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A man and a woman are talking in Far From Heaven

Viola Davis has always used her talent and influence to raise awareness of current social issues and her involvement in far from the sky is a poignant example of this. The film offers a critical and reflective examination of racial tensions in 1950s America, told from the perspective of an upper-class housewife.

Given the film’s theme, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that far from the sky features another of Davis’ most moving and emotional performances to date, even if it’s more restrained and subtle than audiences expect from the actress.

4 A Ajuda (2011) – 3.8/5

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Viola as Abilene in The Help

The help is yet another example of why Viola Davis’ career is influential and impactful, as she plays a maid in 1950s Jackson, Mississippi. As always, Davis allows audiences to connect with her character in a way few other actresses can, making The help one of the saddest movies that audiences still can’t help but love.

Davis is at his most vulnerable and human in The help, channeling a character who has experienced things no human being should have to experience. And just from the expressions on her face, she is painfully convincing in the role.

3 Doubt (2008) – 3.8/5

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Viola Davis as Mrs Miller in Doubt

Viola Davis opposite veteran actors Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt, which became tragically more relevant in the years following its release. The film explores a priest’s ambiguous relationship with a young student, putting ethics and the practice of religion on trial.

Davis may not be the star of the show in Doubt, but that doesn’t stop her from stealing the spotlight whenever she appears. Even alongside acting legends like Streep and Hoffman, Davis manages to maintain herself and solidify herself as one of the most attractive actresses in the industry.

2 Ocean Eleven (2001) – 3.8/5

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Rusty talking to a colleague in Oceans Eleven

ocean eleven it’s the kind of heist movie that promises to get your heart racing, and it succeeds in every way possible. Filled to the brim with early 2000s style, the film features a wide cast of characters who bring something unique to the table in order to create one of the funniest stories ever told in cinema.

Viola Davis appears very briefly in one of the film’s many uncredited roles. It’s hard to really praise her performance too much, but ocean eleven remains one of the highlights of Viola Davis’ early career, regardless.

1 Prisoners (2013) – 4.2/5

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Hugh Jackman and Paul Dano in Prisoners

Denis Villeneuve’s crime thriller prisoners is hailed by many moviegoers as one of the most thrilling and thrilling films of the last decade, with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal providing two of their most thrilling and impressive performances to date in opposite lead roles.

As always, Viola Davis also manages to shine as one of the film’s most memorable supporting characters, bringing a tremendous amount of emotion and empathy to her role that few actresses would be able to emulate. It’s roles like this that prove why Davis is such a unique talent.

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