Toyota halts Hilux and SW4 production due to lack of tires

The factories of Ford, Fiat, Peugeot and Toyota in Argentina are facing a very strong crisis due to the lack of tires. A protest by the tire industry workers union paralyzed factories in the sector and now directly affects the automotive industry. Proof of this is that the production of Hilux and SW4 will stop.

News from Diário Infobae revealed that Toyota is going to the Zárate plant indefinitely. The plant currently produces 600 units a day of Hilux and SW4, 80% of which are for export. Most of this volume is absorbed by Brazil. However, the Hilux is the third best-selling car in Argentina, behind only Fiat Cronos and Peugeot 208.

As car manufacturing obviously requires tires, Toyota’s production line has been put on hold and there is no date for a return. At Fiat, there is still stock for another 10 days of production for the Cronos, while Ford has already stopped making Ranger and Peugeot has not yet disclosed the situation.

Toyota SW4 GR-S [divulgação]
Toyota SW4 GR-S [divulgação]

Today, the Toyota plant in Argentina alone works with 7,500 direct jobs, 1,200 indirect jobs and has a chain of 35,000 workers directly involved with the Hilux and SW4 productions. With the factory stopped, collective vacations were determined, but there is no sign of how the situation will be and how long it will last.

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