TV Cultura will have a special edition of Metrópolis with Viola Davis, Djavan and Liniker

Traditional program of TV Cultura linked to the world of art and culture, the metropolis will have a special edition next Friday (30). with presentation of Adriana Couto and wedge Jr., the program talks to two great names in Brazilian music, djavan and linerin addition to the renowned American actress Viola Daviswhich speak of their most recent productions.

In her recent visit to Brazil, promoting the film A Mulher Rei (2022), Viola Davis had already participated in the Fantastic and Conversation with Bial, from TV Globo, beyond the Like Channel. Now, she will also talk to TV Cultura, in an interview recorded with reporter Renata Simões. In the film in question, the actress plays General Nanisca, responsible for an army of women in the service of the African kingdom Dahomey.

Metropolis will also have the Koala Festival as a backdrop. With this, the special edition will feature singers Djavan and Liniker, who performed at the event. Djavan talks about his 25th and new album, “D”, in an unprecedented partnership with Milton Nascimento. The artist also comments on the thousand encounters for each track, yearnings, affections and hopes imprinted in the new work.

Liniker, on the other hand, talks about the “Indigo Butterfly Anil” tour, which marks the artist’s return to the stage, and her solo career performances. He gained national recognition from a large part of the public when he sang in one of the parties at BBB 22still having been nominated for a Latin Grammy recently.

The special edition of Metropolis this Friday (30) will air from 7:20 pm on TV Cultura.

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