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Amid the sumptuous dresses, romantic makeup and opulent touches like pearls, glitter and golden accessories, as well as spicy romances set in the early 19th century, Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ series continues to inspire fashion, hair and make-up here.

Regencycore is a trend based on looks from the Regency era of the UK. Having been marked by years of elegance and plenty of artistry, this period from 1811 to 1820 is defined by glitz, gossip, an emphasis on culture and relative sexual liberation. The style has inspired us since the series launched in 2020.

To get into regencycore, you won’t need to modify your entire makeup bag, but there are a few details that need to be noted. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide with tips from celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney, who has worked with Megan Fox and Ashley Graham.


An effective regencycore style result can be achieved by using a light foundation with a natural finish. Henney suggests applying foundation together with a wet blender, to give the skin-to-skin look, as seen in ‘Bridgerton’.

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The secret here will be to balance the blush and lip colors in similar shades. Henney points out that blush is the foundation of the regencycore concept. Applying a hot pink blush effortlessly imparts a soft, romantic blush. A creamy mousse can be used at this stage, as it allows for a velvety finish.


The style should emphasize the rosy tones on the cheeks and lips. So, the right choice will be a creamy lipstick in pink, continuing the color on your face.


The easiest part of regencycore. Henney doesn’t adopt shadows. According to him, a more natural look a brown mascara gives enough highlight to the lashes. Brows brushed with a layer of clear gel complements the effect.

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