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While the onscreen DC universe is going through an even more tumultuous time with the scorched earth approach of the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery, it looks like the studio is still doubling down on the budding success of Matt Reeves. the Batman universe with sequels and spinoffs. HBO Max’s Upcoming Limited Series The Penguin is on its way with Colin Farrell back under the impressive prosthetics and is likely the next project to be released in this cinematic universe.

However, an Arkham Asylum-themed show is also in early development, with fans very excited about the direction this world could take. Fans on Reddit have been discussing and speculating what might come from these spinoffs, such as the introduction of characters like Hugo Strange and Harvey Dent/Two-Face, as well as a Catwoman solo venture.

Penguin rising through the ranks before Batman

Penguin looking at the devastation at the end of The Batman.

Even in the Batman, it was clear that Oswald Cobblepot was still widely seen as a high-ranking foot soldier in Carmine Falcone’s largest organized crime ring. It had its corner with the Iceberg Lounge and 44 Below, but the Penguin was still in its proto stages. And while HBO Max The Penguin could take place after Riddler’s scheme (not fully realized), it could show Cobblepot struggling to make a name for himself through flashbacks.

Redditor My New Roleplay Account commented how they “would be thrilled to see him rise through the ranks of Gotham’s organized crime families ahead of Batman’s appearance.” Considering that Penguin was far from his greatest potential in the movie, this could be a good way to delve into his character in this universe.

A solo theatrical spin-off of Catwoman

Selina Kyle with Batman in her apartment in The Batman.

Catwoman is arguably one of the most iconic anti-heroines in DC Comics history, and she’s also arguably Batman’s most popular love interest. Zoë Kravitz’s version of Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the Batman it was an excellent balance of providing a gripping dynamic with Batman as well as a compelling character in his own right. However, there has been surprisingly little note circulating about a potential Catwoman solo spinoff.

Redditor ItzSilentStorm noted that they would love to see that happen, but also said that they “still think Catwoman should have a theatrical movie. Not a streaming series.” the maximum of the Batman spinoffs are focusing on TV, but Catwoman is undoubtedly a character that could stand out at the theatrical box office – especially after Kravitz’s performance.

Exploring the machinations of Gotham’s criminal underworld

Colin Farrell as the Penguin sitting at a table in The Batman.

It is safe to assume that The Penguin will enhance Gotham City’s dark criminal underworld from the perspective of one of its biggest players, especially with Falcone’s death leaving a power vacuum behind. And while Farrell’s performance was widely praised, some are skeptical of the concept of having a show with him in the lead role.

However, Redditors like clown coffin suggest, “It could serve more purpose than just giving us more Ozzy”, and like “We could see more of Batman and Gotham’s rogue gallery”. Many of Batman’s most infamous thugs are inextricably linked to the world of organized crime, and The Penguin it could be a way to expand the dark machinations of the underworld.

Bring a suitable bat family to life

Batman with his supporting Bat family behind him in the comic book art.

Christopher Nolan has masterfully resurrected Batman’s image in the live-action theatrical space with The dark Knight trilogy. However, as revered as these films are as satisfying overarching stories, longtime fans are still yearning for a proper bat family – namely Robin.

Reeves may be heading for a grounded world with an atmosphere of crime noir, but the filmmaker’s respect for the source material shouldn’t rule out a burgeoning Bat family. Redditor boboadam94 was thrilled at the prospect, exclaiming “Give us the Rogues Gallery! Give us the Bat Family! I want it all!” The idea of ​​a grounded Dick Grayson and beyond being introduced in the batman 2 and derived series are not as far-fetched as others might think.

Harvey Dent introduced as prosecutor on The Penguin

Two-Face holding his signature coin in comic book art.

Two-Face is one of Batman’s greatest villains in comics, and while director Christopher Nolan and actor Aaron Eckhart’s portrayal of the tragic character was excellent in The dark Knight, many fans feel that a new version would feel right at home in Reeves’ universe. Inside the Batmanone of the Riddler’s victims was corrupt district attorney Gil Coleson, leaving another political power vacuum.

Naturally, this has led fans like the Clown Coffin Redditor to theorize “As this plays out after the events of the movie, we could see Harvey Dent take over as DA.” While it would be great to see so many new villains being adapted, these spinoffs could allow plenty of room for develop them and this plot point seems like a very convenient opportunity to pass up.

Arkham Asylum loosely adapts the Grant Morrison comic

Batman approaches Arkham Asylum in DC Comics.

Grant Morrison made his mark on DC Comics history as one of the best Batman writers in the character’s pantheon of creative talent. And in the 1980s, Morrison teamed up with artist Dave McKean to Arkham Asylum: A Serious Home on Serious Earth. The comic was a surreal mix of photorealism, paintings and psychological horror as the Dark Knight ventured into the asylum to quell a riot.

Given what’s been described for the Arkham TV show in development, fans like Redditor CIN726 are expected to “make a loose adaptation of ASHOSE’s Jeremiah Arkham storyline” for how it “plays the concept of Arkham as that sort of thing.” haunted house”. Whereas the Batman had a few scenes at Arkham Asylum but didn’t go into the depths of the facility, this comic book inspiration could serve as an opportunity to do just that. And the haunted house approach would naturally fit the dark, gothic tone of this universe.

Mindhunter being used as inspiration for Arkham

Black and white promotional art for Netflix's Mindhunter.

The deleted scene from the Batman revealed what the dynamic of this canon between Batman and the Joker is like. Of course Reeves was influenced by The Long Halloween and – by extension – Jonathan Demme’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller The Silence of the Lambs.

But in the case of the Arkham series development, Redditor geek_of_nature thinks, “They could do some Mindhunter stuff too.” They elaborate on the premise, saying, “Gordon could assign a team to interview various Arkham inmates to create criminal profiles to help them against any future threats to Gotham.” This take would be intriguing, as viewers would get a better sense of the character’s psychology and learn about his motivations in ways that make his character attractive.

Hugo Strange is introduced as an Arkham psychiatrist

Hugo Strange with his TYGER guards in Arkham City.

Though he’s thankfully seen something of a resurgence in mainstream popularity, thanks to the lauded Rocksteady arkham city video game, Dr. Hugo Strange is still arguably one of Batman’s most underrated villains. Ordinary Redditor Born 5940 believes that “This Arkham show is ideal to introduce Hugo Strange”. Strange is a corrupt psychiatrist, but not in the same way as Scarecrow.

He is a man obsessed with the idea of ​​Batman and the psychology that drives him, because Strange thinks he can succeed him in his own twisted way. But whether Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight appears on the Arkham show or not, having him as a sinister figure on the show alongside his inmates is a tempting idea.

Joker/Dynamic Riddler as Inmates of Arkham

Split image of the Joker in the deleted scene and Riddler taping his victim.

Perhaps the most popular prediction of characters that will appear in the Arkham HBO Max series is in regards to the Riddler and the Joker. Barry Keoghan’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime was teased in the movie and the aforementioned deleted scene as an imprisoned inmate, and it would be an exciting change of pace to see Paul Dano’s Riddler make another appearance.

Redditor geek_of_nature also noted how they would like to see lesser-known villains, but also added that they could be scored and “balanced with some more well-known ones, including Riddler and Joker, who we know are already there.” Seeing their relationship twisted (and possible headbutt) would create a captivating core conflict.

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Influence

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest still with Nicholson and the supporting cast.

With the setting being a horribly run mental hospital, director Miloš Forman One flew over the cuckoo’s nest would be another fascinating source of inspiration for Arkham Asylum. Redditor AxolotlArtThings listed it in his post as a notable outside influence for the upcoming show.

One flew over the cuckoo’s nest it can also be thematically relevant, as the 1975 film, directed by Jack Nicholson, serves as a harrowing metaphor behind the cynical attitude about mental health. Gotham Asylum is notorious for being a disastrously run institution thanks to the city’s dirty politics, so using the inmates and/or villains as a point of view would make for an interesting narrative structure.

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