100-year-old man enjoying Disney day by surprise thrills

A 100-year-old retired military man was approached on the street by a stranger who invited him to a fun day at the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, Florida (USA) and the man’s reaction moved several people on social media. the influencer Isaiah Garza appears next to the man, talking, dancing and laughing while visiting the park.

The elderly man, with mobility problems, used a walker when walking and was interrupted by the influencer, who made him the unusual, unexpected invitation to the place he had not visited for 50 years. The video of the experience has been circulating the world. “Sorry to bother you,” he says. Isaiah“but I’ve had a really rough day. And I just wanted to see if you’d be willing to go to Disney with me today.”

The gentleman is surprised and asks: “Would you really take me?”. So, they both enjoyed the amusement park and the local food. According to the content posted by the young man, they had a great day together. The video, which aired on September 27, has so far more than 16 million views and around 3 million likes.

At the end of the video, you talk about how the day was for him. He gets emotional and finds it difficult to talk about what the day meant. He goes so far as to say: “thought that my life was over, but I will remember that day in my heart.” And he ends, crying: “You have no idea how important this was to me”.

Among the comments, many users were also moved: “Fantastic! What a memory for him. (And for you!)” and “I couldn’t love this video more” were some of the reactions. American stars such as singer Michael bubble, also expressed support for the attitude. “Everything about it is amazing,” wrote the artist.

Garza is a designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and lives in Los Angeles, United States of America. Thanks to the singer Rihanna, photographed wearing one of his jewelry designs on the cover of a French magazine, he has achieved great recognition. His successful business allowed him to spend some of his money and time making people’s days a little happier and sharing the effects of simple, kind and generous acts on the media. social

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