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Halo Rise, Echo Auto and Fire TV Cube: Amazon launches new smart gadgets

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With Christmas just around the corner, Amazon has announced the launch of a slew of new smart home products. Some are just old acquaintances getting updates, while others are completely new gadgets.

According to Amazon, the novelties should go on sale later this year, and are already on pre-sale in the US. However, there is still no forecast on when they will arrive in Brazil.

On the other hand, for Brazilian customers, Amazon announced the following news:

Update in Echo Studio and new color

Echo Studio will soon receive an update via the internet that promises better sound quality and range, making music and soundtracks seem closer to the listener.

In addition, the Echo Studio in white will start to be sold in Brazil soon.

Echo Show 15 with Fire TV interface

Also coming soon, Echo Show 15 users will also receive a free update, which integrates the Fire TV system interface into the smart device. This means that you will be able to access new features and apps that are currently only available on Fire TV.

Alexa’s new features

Alexa is also expected to receive an update that will include a number of new features. Among them are:

  • Weather information in the personal calendar: Alexa will integrate the weather forecast with the calendar, to warn the user if potential rain could disrupt a planned event.
  • Video Scraps: This function will allow you to leave video-recorded messages for anyone else in the family that shares the house.
  • Sound detection: A new routine will be able to detect specific sounds, such as baby crying, snoring, coughing, water noise, among others. When activating the routine, the user can receive a notification if a baby starts to cry, for example.
  • Turn devices on and off at specific time: You will now be able to ask Alexa to turn devices on or off at a certain time, for example: “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights at 6 am”. The action can be done for up to 24 hours after the time of the order.
  • Group video calls: The new feature allows you to create specific groups for videoconferencing – including the ability to remove and add members or rename the group. Then just ask “Alexa, call [nome do grupo]”.

Amazon’s new products

You can read more about them in this article here. But if you’re looking for a shorter, thicker summary, here you go.

  • Halo Rise: It is a combination of a bedside clock and a sleep tracker. The automated device uses sensors to detect body position and breathing movements, and uses an LED light and an alarm to wake the user up at a more suitable time. It also detects when the person gets up to start the routines set up in Alexa.
  • Kindle Scribe: This is the first reader in the Kindle family to support both reading and writing. Now, the user will be able to use a pen that comes with the product to take notes or draw directly on the device’s screen. The Kindle Scribe will also be the largest in the family at 10.2 inches.
  • Fire TV Omni QLED: Amazon also launched its new series of TVs with a 4K QLED display, Dolby Vision IQ technology, as well as adaptive HDR10+ support. In addition to Alexa, the TV also brings new widgets that provide useful information, such as agenda, reminders, notes, among others.
The new Halo Rise, Kindle Scribe and Fire TV Omni QLED
The new Halo Rise, Kindle Scribe and Fire TV Omni QLED

New generations of products

  • Echo Dot (5th generation): The gadget arrives in its 5th generation in three different models, including the standard one – with improved sound -, one with a clock that also shows information about music, and a children’s one – customized with a dragon or an owl design.
  • Echo Auto (2nd generation): With a new and slimmer design, the device brings Alexa to the car, allowing you to listen to music, make calls or get roadside assistance.
  • Fire TV Cube (3rd generation): The new version of the dongle supports Wi-Fi 6E, has an Ethernet port, as well as a new HDMI input. The product is accompanied by a new remote control with a built-in speaker.
The new Echo Dot Kids, Echo Auto and Fire TV Cube

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