Apple Watch Ultra users notice ‘jelly effect’ on device screens

Some users of Apple Watch Ultra are complaining about a possible problem with scrolling the screen of the devices. This is the so-called ‘Gelatin Effect’, which has already been a reason for controversy when it appeared on the screens of Apple’s iPad Mini 6. However, the manufacturer said it was normal due to the devices having an LCD-type display.

This “problem” has been reported by some people on Reddit, who say they have noticed the effect when they open their device’s notifications. One of the owners of this watch model even filmed the effect in slow motion. Likewise, he even went to one of the Apple stores to check out the demo models and seems to have seen this detail in them too.

In the comments, the discussion expanded to more users who noticed this point on scrolling while wearing the smartwatch. However, others pointed out that this is not actually a defect that influences usability. Therefore, even if it is noticeable in some cases, some people have concluded that it is not quite that relevant.

In case you didn’t know, this effect occurs when half of a device’s screen refreshes at different speeds than the other. That way, you can notice a small oscillation while using the item. This problem also appeared on the OnePlus 5, however, the brand also emphasized that it was something natural.

As for the Apple Watch, the only curious detail is that this occurrence is more common on LCD screens, as in the case of the iPad Mini 6. The new Apple smart watch, however, has an AMOLED-type panel.

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