Braz says Flamengo will have a stronger window than the one that brought Vidal and Cebolinha and tells which star is on the agenda

Marcos Braz said in an interview with Coluna do Fla that the carioca team should strengthen even more strongly in the next window

In the last transfer window, the Flamengo was the team that best strengthened itself in the country. With the arrivals of Vidal, Scallion, Varela and flea, the team from Rio de Janeiro is considered by many to be the best squad in the country. In an interview for the Fla’s column, Marcos Brazthe team’s vice president of football, was direct when commenting on what he thinks about the possibility of reinforcements and does not hide which name is the focus.

“For sure Flamengo will make an even stronger window. Yes, Oscar’s name will be on this agenda until his official return to China. Make it clear that he has a two-year contract, make it clear that they have just renewed. He is very difficult, he is an adapted player. The Chinese have enormous difficulties with the Brazilians and it was not the case for him, who has been since 2017”.

“Big (key is desire), but there comes a time when desire has a limit. He himself said he has a desire, Flamengo reiterates. No (if salary was correct). Never had a proposal submitted. What he had was the athlete’s desire. We just wanted to move forward after the green light.”

It is worth remembering that Oscar was one of the biggest soap operas of the last transfer window in Brazilian football. Seeking a release from China to play in Brazilian football, the 31-year-old midfielder had its name linked to Flamengo, but the deal was not finalized.

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