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The rival indicated a hard path. But by getting lost in failures, Brazil paved the way for its downfall. In their worst game at the Volleyball World Cup, the women’s team even rehearsed a reaction and flirted with the dream of a comeback. Japan, however, knew how to wait for the moment to displace José Roberto Guimarães’ team in Arnhem, Holland. In 3 sets to 1, partial 25/22, 25/19, 17/25 and 25/20, Brazil suffered its first defeat in the competition. With the defeat, Brazil is also far from the leadership of group D.

Brazil will have little time to react. The selection returns to the court this Saturday, against China, at 9 am. sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and the ge track everything in real time. To close the first phase at the end of the bracket, you will need to beat China by 3 sets to 0.

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Gabi tries to defend against Japan – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

The fall also ends a long unbeaten run against Japan. The selection has not lost to rivals since 2017, when it took the worst in the Champions League. The unbeaten period was even longer in World Cups: the last defeat had been in 1982, in Peru.

Top scorers:
Inoue (JAP) – 27 points
Ishikawa (JAP) – 18 points
Pri Daroit (BRA) – 17 points
Hayashi (JAP) – 16 points
Carol Gattaz (BRA) – 13 points

Attack Points:
Brazil: 55 points
Japan: 64 points

Blocking points:
Brazil: 6 points
Japan: 5 points

Drop points:
Brazil: 3 points
Japan: 5 points

Points on opponent errors:
Brazil: 22 points
Japan: 18 points

1st set – Brazil hesitates, allows a turn and leaves behind

Japan took the lead. By forcing the serve, he managed to break the Brazilian pass and opened 3/0. Kisy, in a good attack, started the count for Brazil. The beginning was not the best. Gradually, however, the selection managed to find itself. In Kisy’s attack, he took the lead for the first time, with 8/7. Then the score soared. In Pri Daroit’s attack, 10/14 and time-out on the Japanese side.

But Japan had its dangers. The Asian team returned to the game as they hit their serve. In an ace from Ishikawa, the rivals regained the lead in 19/18. On the side of the court, Zé Roberto was irritated by each Brazilian mistake. It lacked power. At that moment, Pri Daroit and Gabi were trying to clean the house. Did not work. In Yamada’s attack, Japan closed on 25/22.

Gabi faces Japan’s block at the World Cup – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

2nd set – Brazil does not react, and Japan expands

The outlook hasn’t changed much back on the court. The selection seemed unresponsive. In a Yamada block on Gabi, Japan opened 5/3. He widened right away with an ace from Hayashi. Zé Roberto asked for time. Brazil even managed to prevent the Japanese team from shooting, but it was little. Without threatening at any time, the selection seemed unresponsive.

Zé Roberto, dissatisfied with Kisy’s game, had already tried Lorenne. Did not work. When Japan started to open up the scoreboard, he sent Rosamaria to the court as the opposite. The technician also tried Roberta and Lorena. At one point, the selection even threatened a reaction, but it stuck to the promise. At Inoue point, Japan closed on 25/19.

3rd set – Brazil changes, improves and stays alive

There was no more room for error. In an attempt to get back into the game, Zé Roberto changed the team. The selection returned to the court with Roberta, Lorena and Tainara. And the beginning proved the technician right. It wasn’t perfect, it’s true, but the team got better. In Lorena’s block, Brazil opened 7/4, and Japan asked for time. The moment, however, belonged to the Brazilians.

Firmer in attack and more efficient in blocking, the Brazilians soon fired. Seeing the score mark 17/11, coach Masayoshi Manabe stopped once again. But Brazil followed better. In an attack error by the rivals, the selection scored 20/12. Zé Roberto tried to call Macris and Kisy back into the game. But Japan reacted and closed the gap. The coach then undid the inversion and returned with Roberta and Tainara to the court. He got it right. In a setter start, 25/17 on the scoreboard and survival for Brazil in the game.

4th set – Brazil allows comeback, tries to react, but falls to Japan

Brazil gained pace and power. On the return to the court, the selection remained firm. It was Pri Daroit who made the score 4/0. Japan soon asked for time and tried to tidy up the house. Did not work. In two more attacks in a row by Pri Daroit, the selection opened 8/2. Manabe stopped once more and exhausted his requests for time in the partial. It did little good.

Tainara, at that point, was the name of the game. Versatile, the player gave more strength to the Brazilian attack. A service error by Carol Gattaz, however, opened space for Japan to try to react. The rivals scored three points in a row, and Zé thought it best to stop the game. The Japanese team kept up the pace and again caused problems for the Brazilian side.

Japan returned to the front. By getting lost in mistakes once again, the selection saw the rivals open 18/14. Zé then tried one more time. First, he sent Rosamaria. Then Kisy and Macris. Brazil reacted and made the difference fall to just one point (18/17). The tie came in an attack out by the Japanese. But that was it. Japan opened again 22/19, and Zé called Roberta and Tainara once again. There was no longer room for reaction. In a Lorena block out, 25/20 for the Japanese.

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