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The time to react is short. After the defeat to Japan, Brazil returns to the volleyball court to face China. In the last match of the first phase, the selection, already classified, tries to recover from the fall against the only undefeated team in group D. The two teams face each other this Saturday, at 9:15 am, in Arnhem, Netherlands. sportv2 broadcasts the match live, and the ge tracks everything in real time.

In the Women’s World Cup, the classified teams carry their results from the first phase. In the case of Brazil, the new group will have teams that come out of group A, with Italy and Holland as the main challenges. The order of confrontation, however, will also be defined through the final position in the first stage.

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José Roberto Guimarães during defeat by Japan – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Brazil still has chances to close the first phase in the lead, but it is not a simple mission. To advance at the top, the selection will need to beat China by 3 sets to 0. Despite the many mistakes in the match against Japan, Zé Roberto believes in the team’s reaction against the Chinese.

+ Gabi asks for a cool head after defeat: “You can do it differently”

– The stumbling doesn’t give much of a chance. It’s a defeat that takes you to the next stage. China won with Japan’s ownership. Although two sets were even, China showed good game. It is a team that counterattacked well, mainly. It’s a very fast team. It is also a very complicated game. But we need to take that learning and try to play the best game possible against China.

Gabi tries to defend against Japan – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Team captain, Gabi agrees. The striker believes that the team lacked aggression against Japan. In the midst of a match in which a lot went wrong, the player expects a different reaction against the Chinese.

– I don’t think we started with aggression, especially in the serve, our ball turn took a long time to enter. Our defense was also slow to adjust. But even so, we managed to get back to the game. The girls who came from the bank helped us more with our ball turn-he said.

– It is very important to seek this victory and turn around. We know it’s a very long competition. And we know we didn’t play well. It’s understanding what wasn’t good. Start with a completely different aggression. We know that China is also in a position to play a good game. We need to have a cool head to understand that every day we can do something different.

There is also the expectation for Carol’s return. The player was spared in the match against Japan due to pain in her right thigh. The tendency is for the central to return to the starting lineup against China. The good performance of those who came from the bench against Japan, however, is a point of encouragement for Zé Roberto.

– One thing we need to have is cast. World Cup is long, very demanding. The fact that we used a lot of players, they came in. We managed to have some players who did well. Now it’s time to lift your head, see where we went wrong and move on.

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