‘City of God’ actor turned homeless

Photo: Facebook / Rubens Sabino Silva / Pipoca Moderna

Not all of the cast of “City of God” pursued careers in film and TV. Rubens Sabino da Silva, who played Neguinho – the one who hears the phrase: “Dadinho is the c*, my name is now Zé Pequeno, p*” – currently lives on the streets.

“I became a famous homeless person, but not rich, while Cidade de Deus raised millions. At the time, I earned a salary of R$ 5 thousand. for the Extra newspaper.

But when he participated in the filming at age 18, he was already homeless. About a year after the film premiered, he was arrested after stealing a woman’s purse on the bus. In the interview, he confessed to regret.

“After I was arrested, the production of ‘City of God’ shipped me to Belém do Pará and I spent three years in a recovery center. How does an actor watch the Oscars for a film in which he is one of the main actors? inside a rehab clinic?”

Rubens revealed that he watched the party, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, on television: “It was supposed to be the peak of my life. I closed myself off from everything, I don’t have contact with anyone else in the cast.”

He was found in Cracolândia de São Paulo in 2015 and currently walks through several cities in Rio, São Paulo, Minas and the South of the country. “Sometimes I go to distant places, thinking that no one will recognize me. I don’t have a home, my home is the world”, he concluded.

“City of God” had 4 Oscar nominations in 2004: Best Director (Fernando Meirelles), Best Adapted Screenplay (Bráulio Montovani), Best Editing (Daniel Rezende) and Best Cinematography (César Charlone).

The film won 74 awards, including the BAFTA Awards (the British Academy Awards) for Best Editing. In addition, he designed several actors who are famous today, such as Leandro Firmino, Jonathan Haagensen, Douglas Silva, Alexandre Rodrigues and even Seu Jorge and Alice Braga in their film debuts.

Remember below the famous scene of Rubens in “City of God”.

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