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São Paulo Brazil

“Dani Alves. Injury of the medial collateral ligament of the right arm. Under study.”

This was the official note of Pumas, the Mexican club, which signed Daniel Alves. The publication was released yesterday, explaining on the team’s website why the Brazilian would not play today, against Juarez.

Minutes after the injury was made public, Daniel Alves’ advice “denied” the club. The 39-year-old player tried to explain, saying he had only taken one hit.

“As we speak in Brazil, they are going to zip another one. I think the person who wrote this (the Pumas note) was not informed of the real situation.

“In training, on the eve of the trip, Diogo, my friend Diogo, a Brazilian who plays with me, ended up hitting me in the last play of the training. As a precaution, we decided not to travel to the last game, since there’s nothing at stake more. We have great goals to fight for them, and in the end, I made this decision not to travel. But thank the good God, everything is fine, everything is calm”, wrote the player’s advisor.

Daniel Alves missed the Russian Cup just like he does now, two months away from the World Cup. He had a serious injury to the anterior cruciate ligament of the same right knee.

Yesterday’s situation created enormous discomfort in Pumas. The Mexican press questions why the club’s staff would make such a serious mistake. The bruise was very well detailed. And if it was actually confirmed, it should take between six weeks and four months. What would be fatal, would take the player out of the Qatar Cup at once.

He is already living the worst phase of his career, having been not only questioned by journalists for his bad performances, but cursed by Pumas fans. Daniel Alves has not shown the speed to play on the side. And not enough talent in midfield.

He has mediocre performances as a steering wheel.

Your team’s campaign has been disgraceful since your arrival.

There were 12 games. Six defeats, five draws and only one victory. Three assists and no goals.

The Pumas were eliminated from the playoffs. Out of 18 teams, Pumas is only 16th, antepenultimate. Huge disappointment. Daniel Alves was the most frustrating signing in Mexico this year.

The Technical Commission of the Brazilian National Team made a point of contacting Daniel Alves and the medical department of Pumas.

At first, the injury wouldn’t be that serious anyway. But the 39-year-old veteran’s poor performances have not gone unnoticed for Tite. Quite the opposite.

The coach, for the first time, reassesses whether it is really worth taking the player to the World Cup.

He hasn’t been able to play as a full-back for years. He no longer has muscle explosion, speed for such an important position. As a midfielder, his football is mediocre. Still at São Paulo, he showed a huge creative deficiency and lack of physical strength in marking. His return to Barcelona was a failure.

At Pumas, too.

Tite feels a moral obligation to call him to the Cup for his trajectory, for his great performance in the 2019 Copa América. Besides, he is the only player Neymar respects. At the 2018 World Cup, for example, Neymar cursed Thiago Silva’s mother during the match against Mexico, in front of the cameras.

The national team coach wants to take more forwards to the World Cup. And an opportunity would be to summon Danilo as a right-back. And make it clear that Real Madrid defender Militão would be his immediate backup. Leaving the 39-year-old off their list.

The new knee injury would be the lime shovel.

Tite could turn his back on Daniel Alves without a pang of conscience.

It’s all very strange.

The Technical Commission of the Selection knows that an official would not invent a knee injury of the most important player of the Mexican club. And I would disclose.

The truth is that Daniel Alves becomes less and less important in the plans for the Qatar Cup.

Tite’s assessment of the friendlies against Ghana and Tunisia, without him, was very favorable.

Taking him would mean giving up a fully-fledged attacker.

The chance that the 39-year-old will miss the World Cup is huge.

The Mexican press doesn’t even want him at Pumas.

So bad it’s playing.

Tite just needs to have courage and face reality.

Age has also arrived for Daniel Alves.

The player is really worried.

He never felt so much pressure against his presence in the Cup…

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