Did you know? Marvel hero inspired the creation of V for Vendetta

One of the most acclaimed comic book properties of all time, V for Vendetta was inspired by a forgotten Marvel hero.

Though it had no powers at the time it was created, an adventure had Night Crow being exposed to toxic chemicals by his arch-nemesis Yi Yang. This gave the hero immortality and near-invulnerability, but left him with scars and unending pain.

Years after having participated in the creation of the hero, David Lloyd and Alan Moore got together and started brainstorming ideas for a Night Crow-style character. However, Lloyd did not want the story to be set in the 1930s. Looking for a way to maintain the noir style, Moore developed the concept that would become v for Vendetta.

As highlighted by Screenrant, V and Nightraven do have similarities. Both have pasts shrouded in mystery, similar silhouettes, and we never know their real names. The characters are also psychologically traumatized by the traumas that gave them their abilities.

But the most notable similarity is the fact that they both wear masks that cover their entire faces. Despite being virtually gone from Marvel Comics, Night Crow’s greatest legacy was to have inspired one of the most important works of literature. What are your thoughts on this? Don’t forget to comment!

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What happened to the TV series based on V for Vendetta?

In late 2017, BleedingCool reported that the British channel channel 4 would be developing a television series based on the comic book v for Vendetta. Since then, there has been no further information revealed regarding the development, nor is it known if the project has been cancelled.

The plot follows the story of Evey, a woman who meets a vigilante named “V”. His goal is to overthrow the government that rules England. The broadcaster has not yet released any names involved, but the project would join watchmen as one of Moore’s classics being adapted for TV.

The original work was already made into a film in 2005 by the director James McTiegue the sisters Wachowskiwho wrote the script. Natalie Portman incarnated Evey, while Hugo Weaving lived the masked revolutionary. And even if you’re not familiar with the movie or the comics, you’ve probably seen V’s mask around.

The character has become a cultural symbol for anarchist groups, among which the most famous is Anonymous, a hacker activism group, which carries out a series of protests around the world. If the project is actually underway in channel 4there is no denying that the UK channel would be an ideal home for the adaptation.

But what about you, what are your opinions on this? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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