Drinking coffee before shopping can be a mistake

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Who doesn’t like a hot cup of coffee, right? In addition to being delicious, coffee has several uses, such as warming up our body and keeping us awake. It is even widely used as a pre-workout, as it can provide the energy the body needs.

However, despite so many benefits, there is a time when it should not be consumed at all, at least not by those who would like to save. Want to know why? Check out how drinking coffee before shopping makes you spend more.

Drinking coffee before shopping makes you spend more

According to researchers at the University of South Florida, coffee consumption directly affects areas of our brain linked to impulsivity. This is because it stimulates the release of dopaminewhich ends up providing us with a greater sense of reward.

So when you consume it, shopping can get out of hand. The theory was even tested through an experiment with more than 300 people.

For this, cups of coffee were distributed to these individuals at the entrance of a store, and then a comparison was made between their receipts and those of customers who did not consume anything. In this way, it was possible to perceive that in addition to the significantly higher expenses of the first group, the type of product was also relevant. That’s because they too showed a tendency to buy more frivolous products.

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In addition, caffeine plays an important role in increasing breathing and heart rate, as well as increasing alertness and energy in those who consume it.

Thus, retailers can pick up on these signals and even take advantage of shoppers’ plight. In fact, many stores have adopted this practice in their establishments and offer free coffee cups to their customers.

Now you’ll never have coffee before going to the mall again.

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