Emma Watson felt she ‘didn’t know how to act’ in the last two ‘Harry Potter’ films

Emma Watson wasn’t always sure she wanted to be an actress. However, she knew with 100% certainty that she was destined to play Hermione Granger. She had always felt an affinity for the cunning witch and was eager to bring her to life. But when Watson signed on to play Hermione, she had no idea about her character’s full arc within the eight years. Harry Potter films.

Emma Watson from ‘Harry Potter’ | Taylor Hill/WireImage

Only four ‘Harry Potter’ books were released when Emma Watson joined the cast

Watson would spend a decade of her life portraying the most brilliant witch of the day. However, when she initially joined the cast, she only signed up for the first two. Harry Potter films. When the little women The actress began filming her role in September 2000, only four of the books of the same name were released. So Watson had no idea how Harry’s epic saga would end.

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