Former São Paulo striker faces drama in Argentina: “I got tired of living”

Striker Ricardo Centurión, who played for São Paulo until 2016, vented in an interview with Radio La Red, in Buenos Aires, and with a choked voice said he was “tired of living”.

The athlete belongs to Vélez, but the club has no interest in his permanence and he seems to have no more market in Argentine football after being released by San Lorenzo, once again for cases of indiscipline and absence from training.

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“I put up with a lot of things, I needed to get away, I felt exhausted, I had panic attacks, I needed to get out of everything, so I decided like this (…) Many people don’t understand me, but I got tired of living. Mostly this way.”

Centurion lost its market
One of Racing’s main players until 2015, with passages through São Paulo and Boca Juniors, the striker lost his space in Argentine and Brazilian football, and even in South American football. He admitted in the interview that he doesn’t even receive calls.

He has already been accused by leaders of his alcoholic and that this has disrupted the sequence of his career at 29 years old.

“Today, nobody calls me. Of course, one or two journalists. People I’ve met don’t call me. You feel alone. It’s just your mother and your girlfriend. I knew it was going to happen. I’m not afraid, I don’t escape it (…) If I have an opportunity and I start training, I really let go of everything, the addiction”, said Centurión. “It’s a before and after. It’s not that I can’t let go of what I’ve done. I can. In a month I am fine.”

He spoke again of his sadness about not having more chances to act and about being sidelined at Vélez.

“Luckily, I keep the salary I get from Vélez. It’s how I’m playing. But you get up and don’t play. And that hurts.”

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