Galoucura members went by car to ‘support’ Mancha Verde after fight, says PM

Members of Galoucura, Atlético’s main organized crowd, drove from Belo Horizonte to Carmópolis de Minas, in the Midwest region of the state, to “support” fans of Mancha Verde, organized by Palmeiras, who needed to be medicated in a hospital after being hospitalized. injured in the fight against members of the Blue Mafia, organized by Cruzeiro, this Wednesday (28).

The information is contained in the incident report, registered by the Military Police. According to the document, ten Palmeiras fans were taken to the Carmópolis de Minas Hospital. One of them had to be transferred to Divinópolis and two to Betim, in Greater BH.

“The remaining fans, after medical assistance, were released and boarded in private vehicles owned by fans of the organized Galoucura, who traveled from Belo Horizonte to support fans of Mancha Verde”, says an excerpt from the incident report to which the report by THE TIME had access.

The police also seized six wooden bars in the car of one of the Galoucura members, who went to the hospital to provide support to the people of Palmeiras.

The people from Palmeiras who were not taken to hospitals went by bus, under police escort, to Belo Horizonte. Cruzeirenses were prevented from continuing their journey to São Paulo and had to return to the capital of Minas Gerais, based on a police order.

To contextualize, Galoucura and Mancha Verde are allied twisted groups, which form part of the so-called Sinistra Union. The interaction between members of the groups is common and the atmosphere is usually one of friendship in games between Atlético and Palmeiras. On the other hand, the Blue Mafia is a rival to both.


A generalized fight between the main organized supporters of Cruzeiro and Palmeiras – Mafia Azul and Mancha Verde, respectively – left people injured on the BR-381, at Carmópolis, in Minas Gerais, on the morning of this Wednesday (28). Rival fans met while traveling to watch the games: Palmeiras x Atlético, in Belo Horizonte, and Ponte Preta x Cruzeiro, in Campinas.

The images, which reverberated on social networks, scaled the size of the confrontation. In the videos, it was possible to see members of the Palmeiras fans, only in their underwear, being beaten with clubs. In another scene, a man, a supporter of the São Paulo team, appears bleeding. Celestial fans were shot.

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