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Since it debuted in the catalog of Netflix, the american movie grace and couragehas been among the most watched titles on the platform streaming, that brings together thousands of viewers around its story of drama and overcoming.

As a considerable part of the public already had the chance to watch it, O About Sagas separated some curiosities that promise make the production even more fascinating for the public. Check out:

“Grace and Courage” is based on the best-selling book

grace and courage
The film is based on a book published by Ken Wilver (Image: Reproduction/CPR).

The first curiosity that not all movie spectators know is that the film was based on a bestselling book. First published during the 1990s, the work written by Ken Wilber conquered thousands of readers around the world and became one of the main references within the overcoming genre. In this sense, it is safe to say that the book’s encouraging numbers were essential to the creative decision to adapt it for the screen.

Book and movie are based on true story

Both the book and the movie are based on true history (Image: Disclosure/Quiver).

Other relevant information about grace and courageis that both the film and the book that inspired it are based on a true story. In print publication, the writer Ken Wilber excites everyone when reporting your daily struggle alongside Treya Killam Wilber, your wife. Affected by cancer, her daily struggle for treatment and overcoming continues to be a source of inspiration for hundreds of people to this day.

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“Grace and Courage” is a long-standing project

grace and courage
Film has been in development for over 15 years (Image: Disclosure/Quiver).

As the book that inspired it was published and was an international success in 1991, the film grace and couragehas been produced by the producer for years. There are records of its development dating back to 2006, 15 years of the long being released internationally. Among so many creative decisions that involve the producers and the cast, the film’s scenes began to be recorded. only in 2019just days after the main cast was revealed.

“Grace and Courage” was affected by the pandemic

grace and courage
The film had its distribution format affected by the COVID-19 pandemic (Image: Disclosure/Quiver).

After so many tribulations to be produced and recorded, the film grace and couragestill faced difficulties in its distribution process: completed during the pandemic, many questioned whether it would pay to release the film in theaters or via streaming. A final decision in this regard was published in March of last year, when it was agreed that the long one would be distributed through digital platforms. A little over a year later, the title was available on Netflix.

The film is acclaimed by the female audience

grace and courage
The film makes a lot of appeal to the female audience (Image: Disclosure / Quiver)

By following a female character in her daily struggle with cancer, the film grace and couragemakes considerable appeal to female public. This directly reflects on the film’s approval ratings: on the platform IMDB, women evaluate the feature with a much more positive grade than menreaching to vary 5 decimal points among the approval ratings. With this, it is possible to say that the protagonist’s struggle is better co-opted by experiences that are similar to hers.

“Grace and Courage” divides opinion

Drama film divides viewers’ opinions (Image: Disclosure/Quiver).

despite your potential to thrill viewers be something almost unanimous, it is safe to say that grace and courageit’s a movie that divides opinions. on the platform IMDB, where it is evaluated with an overall index of 4.9/10 stars, the film received grade 10 out of 15.8% of your audiencebut soon after that, the index most attributed to the feature is the note 1, hit by 13.8% of viewers. This makes it very clear that, in the end, the feature follows the “love it or hate it” metric among a considerable part of the spectators.

Jennifer Aniston would be the protagonist of the film

grace and courage
Jennifer Aniston, from “Friends”, could star in the film (Image: Playback/AdoroCinema).

Another information that few people know is that, even in the 2000s, the American star Jennifer Aniston (Friends; Wife of Lies) was quoted to play one of the protagonists of the film. Negotiations, however, did not progress to the point of signing the star in the role, which was assumed by Mena Suvari (American Beauty; American Pie – The First Time Is Unforgettable).

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