‘Jair’s business’ is a scheme of very large proportions, says Juliana Dal Piva; watch the interview

The label Zahar of the publisher Companhia das Letras launched this month Jair’s Business: The Forbidden History of the Bolsonaro Clanbook by journalist Juliana Dal Pivawhich has been working for almost four years on the backstage of the political and patrimonial rise of the former captain and his children.

The work sheds light on the past of the Bolsonaro clan and the pieces that led, in 2018, to the cracking scandal based on suspicious transactions by Fabrício Queiroz, then an advisor to Flávio Bolsonaro and a longtime friend of Jair. The case, however, dates back to the beginning of the current president’s career, still in the 1990s.

The scheme detailed in the book took place in the offices occupied by the Bolsonaro family during their political mandates – whether councilor, state or federal deputy – and included Jair’s three oldest children, ex-wives, friends, family, as well as lawyers and militiamen.

The work gained even more traction in recent weeks from a report by the UOL revealing that practically half of Bolsonaro’s and his family’s real estate assets were built with cash. In all, more than 25 million reais – considering inflation in the period – have been used by the clan since 1990 to buy land and houses.

Dal Piva granted, this Friday 30, an interview to the program Poder em Pauta, on the channel of Capital Letter on YouTube, and provided a concise account of the case.

“The ‘Negócio do Jair’ comes from the way the people involved in the scheme referred to him. There are recordings of the president’s ex-sister-in-law telling how she was part of this scheme, how she returned the money, how the president came to exonerate a brother-in-law because he did not return the correct money that he had to return, as she herself says. the report.

Dal Piva refers to audios by Andrea Siqueira Valle, Bolsonaro’s former sister-in-law, released by the UOL in 2021. In the recording, Andrea states that her brother, André Siqueira Valle, was fired from the post of advisor to the then federal deputy Jair Bolsonaro for refusing to pass on the amount defined in the cracking scheme.

The recording says: “Andre used to cause a lot of trouble there, because André never returned the correct money that had to be returned. He had to return 6 thousand, André returned 2, 3. It was a long time. Until Jair took it and I say: ‘look, enough, you can take him away, because he never gives me the money right back’”.

According to the author of the book, those involved use the expression “Negócio do Jair” when referring to participating in the division or returning the money.

“Even, for them, it didn’t matter much if they were appointed in the cabinet of Jair, Flávio, Carlos or Eduardo Bolsonaro. They were referring to the Negócios do Jair, a unique thing that Jair Bolsonaro captained.”

Cracks are nothing new in the politics of Rio de Janeiro or the country. However, evaluates Dal Piva, “the big difference in Bolsonaro’s history is that there is a scheme of a very large proportion, because he put his children in politics with this scheme”.

There are, the author continues, “ghost employees who move between his and his children’s offices, an involvement of a large number of the family”.

“There are at least 22 people from Bolsonaro’s family, which shows the degree of nepotism. We talk about the rest of the crimes, but there is an impressive nepotism.”

Watch the full interview:

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