Kelly Reilly’s Transformation From Late Teenage to 45


In 2004, Kelly Reilly was acting alongside icons across the ocean. She was cast in the historical drama “The Libertine” starring Johnny Depp. The role came as a surprise to her, considering her eager dislike of Tinseltown. “When I was younger, I was afraid [of Los Angeles],” she told The Telegraph. In “The Libertine,” the young actor locked lips with Depp and she found herself giddy like a schoolgirl. “I was completely unprofessional,” she confessed. “I was texting my friends saying ‘You’ are not going to believe what I’m doing. All these women were there, giving me the thumbs up. … [T]here we were, all these professionals… and we weren’t being unprofessional.”

As The Times noted, despite appearing alongside the likes of Depp and Keira Knightley (in a small role in “Pride and Prejudice”), Reilly remained a complete unknown. The vehicle points out that when several people saw a photo of the actor, no one recognized it. But that’s something Reilly was more than happy to live with.

“I don’t think I would ever do a big, flashy movie just to be in a big, flashy movie,” she said. “I still have to love the movie and feel good about the script.” Be that as it may, Reilly nevertheless showed off his immense star power on the red carpet. Opting for bold red lipstick, a fur shawl and an emerald green dress, the star shone at that year’s Laurence Olivier Awards.


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