List 5 social networks that were VERY successful 10 years ago; Do you remember?

Social networks have been present in people’s lives for a long time and, in fact, end up being part of users’ daily lives. But over time, trends end up changing and, consequently, new options emerge. While others end up falling into oblivion.

In that comes in vain, 10 years ago, some were VERY successful. And, therefore, I invite you to take a quick trip back in time and check out the ones that were most successful in 2012, but that you may not remember anymore. Want to know what they are? We brought a list with 5! See below.

Remember the old days. (Photo: Publicity).

Social networks of the “past”

1. Google+

Back in 2011, Google+ was a social network very similar to some we know today. There, you could post photos, post statuses, and even join communities. The differential of your proposal is that in it you could connect all Google services. However, even with all the benefits, it wasn’t enough to actually “get it.”

Namely, Google+ was discontinued recently, in 2019. The reason for its end was the small number of people using it. Unfortunately, nowadays the site doesn’t even exist anymore and it’s impossible to take a peek at what it used to be.

2. Foursquare

Another social network that was very successful, but is hardly remembered today, is Forsquare. She is one of the few that is still on the air of the ones we brought. And its popularity, at least here in Brazil, is not the same as it was years ago. Here’s how it works: you can “check-in” to places and show your friends what you love to do. In addition, you can also leave your opinion about the places for others.


The name itself already gives what this social network is about, doesn’t it? Launched in 2014, the original idea went something like this: a person could create musical content from 15 seconds to 1 minute, dubbing some song or audio.

The social network became a success, reaching 200 million users. It even caught the attention of ByteDance, a Chinese group that develops social networks and apps. In the future, the group bought the network and merged it with TikTok. In a way, she still lives, just under another name.

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The list isn’t over yet!

4. Vine

Long before TikTok and other social networks featured content in short videos, Vine was the network everyone went to for fun. The platform featured a lot of cool stuff, especially humor videos, and for a few years it was very successful.

Over time, and the emergence of other platforms, Vine was losing ground and today few people remember. The site is still live, but only with a farewell message for fans.

5. Myspace

MySpace is one of the main social networks in history. Launched in 2003, it was the 1st to achieve global success, with millions of active users. With time, and other networks emerging, she was left a little behind. Today, it is still on the air, being widely used by artists in the music world and people who want to enjoy a space dedicated to music content.

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