Madeleine Swann in Bond 26? No time to die proved it shouldn’t happen

Despite Lea Seydoux’s recent assertion that she would consider returning as Madeleine Swann in Title 26, No Time to Die already shows why this shouldn’t happen. Since its first appearance in Spectrum, where she is revealed to be the daughter of the villain Mr. White, Madeleine Swann is a formidable and pivotal character. Of all James Bond’s romantic partners in 25 films, only Tracy in To Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale it can be said to have had an equally lasting emotional impact on the legendary British spy.

the plot of No Time to Die is partially built on James Bond learning about Madeleine Swann’s secret past, with his love for her and her daughter, Mathilde, helping to fuel his need to take down Lyutsifer Safin. As such, the story hinges on his desire to keep Madeleine and Mathilde safe and inevitably leads to the film’s crushing conclusion. After Safin infects him with the Heracles virus, meaning the slightest touch from Bond will kill the two people he loves most in the world, he chooses to sacrifice himself rather than live without them in his life.

A recent interview (via Deadline) suggests that Lea Seydoux is receptive to the idea of ​​returning in Title 26 as Madeleine Swann. While confirming that no approach has been made by the producers of Bond, she highlights that her character is still alive, so “who can say that Madeleine won’t come back.” Despite this, there is a danger that her character’s return risks dishonoring Bond’s sacrificial death in No Time to Die at the same time causing potential narrative confusion in the new film. As a result, the previous entry in the saga has already definitively proved that Madeleine Swann should not be returning to the Bond franchise.

Why the ending of Madeleine Swann’s No Time to Die must be the ending

No Time to Die - James Bond - Mathilde and Madeline Swan

in many ways, No Time to Die it’s a fitting climax to the most emotional incarnation of James Bond audiences have ever seen. More than that, it’s also a fitting send-off for Madeleine Swann and her unique relationship with Bond. Throughout the James Bond franchise, countless women sacrifice their lives by becoming romantically involved or simply helping him. The likes of Jill Masterson in golden fingerVesper Lynd in Casino Royaleagent fields in Quantum of Solaceand even Judi Dench’s M in Sky fall they all die due to their closeness to Bond. As such, Madeleine is the only woman for whom James Bond was completely willing to make the same kind of sacrifice.

More than that, the death of James Bond in No Time to Die it is derived from Madeleine and Mathilde’s need to be safe. If Madeleine reappears in Title 26, so evidently she and her daughter are likely to be in danger. While Madeleine’s past, not to mention her romantic involvement with Bond, means that a fully secure existence is far from guaranteed, bringing her back could have the unconscious effect of undermining Bond’s sacrifice.

Madeleine Swann’s potential involvement in future James Bond films has other connotations. That’s because the return of such a prominent character and synonymous with Daniel Craig’s dark Bond era would mean that Title 26 this is likely to be more of a soft reboot of the series than Bond’s death in No Time to Die implies. If that’s the case, other prominent characters like Ralph Fiennes’ M and Ben Whishaw’s Q are likely to return. With this in mind and given its importance in No Time to Diethe return of Lashana Lynch’s Nomi in Title 26 seems logical. However, within a story that will feature a new iteration of James Bond for the first time in nearly 20 years, it’s likely to be confusing or even distracting to add another potential 007 to the narrative. All this suggests that while it’s nice to know that Lea Seydoux retains so much affection for the role of Octopussy’s Madeleine Swann, there remain strong reasons why Madeleine and Mathilde must remain safe from harm during Title 26.

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