Maybe you have lost money and don’t even know it: Nubank explains where to find it

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First of all, we invite you to do something: stop to think if there is no possibility that you have lost money, scattered around. Don’t think our request is strange, as this can happen, and Nubank explains where to find the forgotten money. Want to find out how to locate your forgotten money using the fintech “treasure map”? Check out!

Don’t miss opportunities to withdraw lost money

The possibility of having money, but having no idea where it is, or simply not being aware that there are lost values ​​out there, is something that terrifies many people. That’s because, in some cases, the amount stored in a certain space is only available until a certain day and often doesn’t even reach the owner’s hands.

But don’t worry, because in this article you will be able to find out where your money can be “stopped”, just waiting for the owner to show up to move it. It turns out that Nubank, thinking about people who jump for joy when they find valuables in their pants pocket or in a room at home, explains where to find abandoned money.

Nubank explains where to find lost money

INSS arrears

The National Insurance Institute (INSS) arrears are the “extra” amounts paid after reviewing benefits. If you have requested a review, consult the precatories area of ​​the Regional Courts websites according to the region. Check the situation and find out if there is some forgotten money waiting for you.


Cashback has grown in recent years. The word in Portuguese means money back. And that’s exactly what happens when a portion of the amount spent on a purchase goes back to the consumer.

The amounts can be from the Nubank credit card, as in the fintech points program, called Ultravioleta, or from some other platform. So, take a look at the bank’s app to check if you don’t have cashback waiting for you.

Invoice credits

Have you ever been to a store and, when paying for the product, the attendant asked if you wanted your CPF on the invoice? Obviously, this practice will give you greater security if you need to change the item, for example. However, there is the possibility of earning some money with it.

Several states have programs that generate credits for consumers who inform the CPF when issuing invoices. So stay tuned, as it may have some value waiting for you.

As we brought up above, it is common for values ​​to be granted to people during a certain period. This is what happens with invoice credits, which have a deadline to be released and withdrawn.

“Forgotten” Old Accounts

Have you already opened accounts in several banks and never used them again? If the answer is yes, don’t take too long: check if you don’t have money stopped. The Central Bank (BC) Amounts Receivable System was created to return forgotten amounts to financial institutions. Find out more by clicking here.


Workers have access to different types of withdrawals from the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS), such as extraordinary withdrawals and birthday withdrawals, among others. Although the amounts are withdrawn from the same fund, the withdrawal options are not the same and each has its own particularity.

Stay tuned, because the FGTS is your right. Although there are rules for the withdrawal, download the app (available for Android and iOS) or visit the fund’s website to verify that there are no amounts waiting for the owner to withdraw.


We, from Seu Crédito Digital, constantly publish articles talking about PIS/Pasep, which has millions of reais forgotten by its owners. To get an idea of ​​the degree of “forgetfulness”, there are quotas for workers from 1971 that have not yet been withdrawn.

We hope you are not one of those workers who forgot to withdraw PIS/Pasep. Check the Digital Work Card app (available for Android and iOS) if there are any abandoned allowances. In the case of withdrawing the 2019 PIS/Pasep allowance, it is necessary to request the withdrawal through a request.

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