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In October, every Saturday, a climate promises to pack the Super Premiere session. On the 8th, it will be nostalgia, with a character that still moves children from the 1990s. The most famous blue hedgehog in games invades Telecine Premium in live-action, in the unprecedented sequel Sonic 2: the Movie, bringing even more elements and references from the universe of games that became a worldwide sensation. In the adventure of the time, the character remains charismatic, speedy, witty and powerful, but he really wants to become a real hero. And for that, he has to face Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey). While the villain has the help of Knuckles (voiced by Idris Elba), Sonic repeats the partnership of the games with Tails (voice of Colleen O’Shaughnessey). Full of effects, action and humor, from the battles between the duos to the choreographed dances, the film guarantees more than fun, uniting generations.

On day 1, there is tension in the air with The last night, Camille Griffin’s never-before-seen dramatic comedy that engages audiences from start to finish. Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode and Roman Griffin Davis play a family from the UK who are ready to welcome friends and relatives for what appears to be the perfect Christmas get-together. Except for one thing: everyone will die. Even dealing with fear, each one reacts in a way, from those who dance non-stop to those who don’t leave disagreements aside.

For the 15th, Telecine Premium summoned big stars to infect the public with a romantic adventure, and at a frenetic pace: Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Da’vine Joy Randolph and Brad Pitt, in a special participation. If you’ve ever wanted to dive deep into the pages of fiction books, the unprecedented Lost City, by brothers Aaron and Adam Nee, is a must to let your imagination run wild. In the story, after being kidnapped by one of her admirers, author Loretta, Sandra Bullock’s character, discovers that the exotic place she created for her novels has become real. That’s when Alan (Channing Tatum), a model who graces the covers of Loretta’s works, steps in to help the writer save herself from this dangerous mission.

Nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, the thriller The Card Counter arrives at Telecine Premium on the 22nd, filling the Superpremiere with drama, suspense and the characteristic intensity of filmmaker Paul Schrader. With the Première Telecine label, the production stars Oscar Isaac, who plays William Tell, an ex-military and interrogator who becomes a professional card player while ghosts from his past come to light. Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan and Willem Dafoe complete the cast.

And to get in the mood for Halloween, celebrated on October 31, one of the horror sub-genres with the most franchises and fans, the slasher, dominates the Superpremiere on the 29th. Under the seal of Première Telecine, They/Them – the Camp, by John Logan, is set in a conversion therapy camp for LGBTQIA+ youth, led by Owen (Kevin Bacon). If the situation was already unreasonable and full of psychological torture, it gets even more macabre when a mysterious murderer begins to claim victims on the spot. Theo Germaine, Anna Chlumsky, Carrie Preston, Quei Tann, Austin Crute, Boone Platt and Mark Ashworth join Kevin Bacon in this terrifying production.

The month also has unmissable news on other days of the week, such as Peter’s Journey, a national film recently released in theaters that arrives at Telecine Premium on the 17th, Monday. In 2022, the year in which the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil is celebrated, filmmaker Laís Bodanzky addresses in her first historical work important issues of gender and race, and the private life of Dom Pedro I, played by Cauã Reymond, who is also a producer. of the long Formed by a large cast, the film also features Rita Wainer, Welket Bunguê, Victória Guerra, Isac Graça, Isabél Zuaa and Sergio Laurentino.


1/10 — The Last Night

4/10 – Telecine Premiere | Summer Days, Summer Nights

6/10 – Telecine Premiere | hungry

7/10 – Telecine Premiere | Threat on board

8/10 – Sonic 2: the Movie

11/10 – Telecine Premiere | Repair

10/14 – Telecine Premiere | The Tiger Awakens

10/15 – Lost City

10/17 – Peter’s Journey

10/18 – The Fall

10/19 – Blue Bayou

10/22 – Telecine Premiere | The Card Counter

10/25 – The Quarry

10/26 – Telecine Premiere | Once Upon a Time in Staten Island

10/28 – Rabiye Kurnaz vs. George W. Bush

10/29 – Telecine Premiere | They/Them – the Camp

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