Part of stadium structure in Chile collapses and leaves injured, says local press | World

The marquee of a sector of the Monumental Stadium collapsed this Friday (30) in Chile.

According to the Chilean media, fans of the Colo Colo team climbed onto the slab that covers the top of a section of the stands, which collapsed. In images prior to the fall, it is possible to see several people hanging and sitting on billboards and advertising signs.

The game between Colo Colo and Universidad Católica is scheduled for Sunday (2), but the fans promoted a pre-match, even without a match, to encourage the players. There were thousands of people in the stadium.

There are at least 4 injured, according to CNN Chile. The Chilean newspaper “El País” published a higher number, 8 injured, and the local newspaper “La Tercera” mentions 8 injured, two of which had fractures. None of them are in danger, according to the Chilean media.

Fire crews went to the scene to help people.

Image shows fans on top of a billboard that collapsed during an event at a stadium in Chile — Photo: Reproduction/Social Networks

Image of the crowd at the Monumental stadium in Chile just before part of the structure collapses — Photo: Reproduction/@ColoColo

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