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Brazil’s victories over Ghana and Tunisia spread positive comments across TV shows around the world.

There is a mixture of charm and surprise with the resurgence of Brazil and Argentina. There are important journalists in Europe looking at the World Cup as the most balanced in history, taking into account apparently unpretentious teams that can cause surprises.

“The Netherlands suffer in very physical games and close rivals. Louis van Gaal has revived his team, but Senegal is one of those who can do us harm.” The observation is by Tiemen van der Laan, editor of the Dutch magazine Voetbal International.

“Germany and England have had terrible moments in the Nations League. Spain are doing well, but they don’t have wings. Brazil and Argentina perform well, but it’s impossible to say how they will fare against European opponents. There will be a lot of randomness because of the table.”

That point of view is that of Jonathan Wilson, columnist for The Guardian, author of the books “The Inverted Pyramid”, on tactical history, and “Behind the Curtain”, on football in socialist countries.

The table is the aspect addressed by Jonathan Wilson and already discussed in this space a week ago. Brazil may have the most difficult crossing in its history in World Cups. They will face Switzerland and Serbia in Group G, and it is good to remember that, if Brazil showed only positive aspects against Tunisia and Ghana, the Swiss beat Portugal, Spain and the Czech Republic, Serbia played well and beat Sweden and Norway. Haaland did not concede a goal.

In the knockout stages, Brazil may have to play against four world champions. This is one of the biggest risks for Tite and one of the biggest advantages for the Netherlands.

Since Louis van Gaal returned, it has been 15 matches, 11 wins and four draws. If they pass in first place in the group of Qatar, Ecuador and Senegal, they will face the second place in group B, from England, Iran, United States and Wales.

“In fact, the Dutch table could favor if we pass first”, ponders Tiemen van der Laan, with some skepticism, because he fears the Senegalese.

The Dutch journalist looks carefully at the strength of the Brazilian attack. “Neymar seems to have regained his motivation because of the World Cup, and Brazil’s danger comes from several places in the attack, unlike Argentina, which has Messi, Lautaro and little else.”

The English season shows that Richarlison was the most expensive signing for Tottenham, Gabriel Jesus, the most money spent by Arsenal, Antony, the biggest deal for Manchester United. All forward.

Tite’s selection also caught the attention of international critics for its defensive ability. It’s hard to score in Brazil – 19 conceded in 50 games since the 2018 World Cup.

The best squad is France, who have only won one of their last six games. “The return of Benzema seems to have broken the hierarchy of the locker room. Who is the boss? Not even coach Didier Deschamps can define, and they have a lot of internal problems”, says Van der Laan.

There is a bit of speculation about this, but the fact that Mbappé refused to pose for the official photo of his selection reminded a lot of Brazil in the 1990 World Cup, which discussed prizes with the CBF and covered the logo of Pepsi-Cola, the sponsor , on the eve of the trip to Italy.

The World Cup will start in 50 days, with just one week of training after players are released by their clubs. Brazil is a candidate for the title. It’s not a favorite.

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