RG, CNH and CPF: Learn how to install documents on your cell phone

Extremely important personal documents, such as CPF, ID, driver’s license or even a SUS card, can be easily lost, due to a distraction or accident, which generates a great headache. However, this problem can be solved in a very practical way.

Now, there is the solution to not lose personal documents with their digital versions. In addition to bringing more practicality, the option brings more security to users. Check below which documents can be accessed by cell phone.

digital documents


O General Registration (RG) it can be accessed in its digital version in the applications made available by their respective states. Just download it and register as requested. It is worth mentioning that to have access to the virtual model, it is necessary that the physical document has the QR Code.

Digital Work Card (CTPS)

Workers can also issue their work card through the digital CTPS application. The platform is available for Android and iOS, and can provide information about labor records, PIS/PASEPemployment contract, among others.

voter registration

Citizens can access their voter registration through the e-Título application. To access it, the user must provide some personal data, such as CPF number and mother’s name, for example.


Both digital versions can be issued by the same application, the Digital Traffic Wallet. The virtual model can also be used to prove vehicle licensing.

SUS card

The popularly known ‘Carteirinha do SUS’ can be accessed through the Conect SUS app. It contains all the information about the document, in addition to providing access to the patient’s health history, test results, among others.


The Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF) can be accessed digitally through the CPF digital app. Through the platform it is possible to view a copy of the document and a button for the government service channel.

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