‘Secret Invasion’ Star Cobie Smulders Talks About Raising Kids With Husband Taran Killam (EXCLUSIVE)


Actress Cobie Smulders may be known for her roles in How I Met Your Mother and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but at home, she’s simply known as “mother.”

The mother of two — who has partnered with the Colgate Smile Fund to help develop social and emotional training resources for children — spoke exclusively with Distractify about raising her own daughters, Shaelyn, 13, and Janita, 7, with husband Taran Killam. , and how the pair navigate building emotional resilience within their own family.

Source: Getty ImagesCobie Smulders opened up about raising children with husband Taran Killam.

Getting personal, Cobie told us that she and her husband help foster optimism and emotional resilience in their own family by having “arguments” with their daughters.

“I think it’s like being there for your kids to have these conversations. And luckily…my kids want to have conversations…that are sensitive, that make them feel insecure,” she said.

The MCU actress cited her own childhood as a time when if she was going through something, she needed to “get over it”.

“I didn’t really discuss what was going on inside my mind or my heart with anyone in my family,” she said. “And so I always hope, I hope it stays that way [with my own kids]. Who knows. But we make ourselves available for these difficult conversations and provide a safe haven for them to come when they need to. So I hope this continues.”

One thing the actress and her Saturday Night Live ex-husband are controlling “as long as possible” is access to social media.

“My kids don’t have phones. So this is very important. I don’t know how old they will be when they have phones, but I’m trying to push as much as possible,” she said. “But they’re not on social media, which I think the later the better.”

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While Cobie noted that social media can be wonderful in terms of learning about protests, world news and accessing knowledge and information, it can also be “overwhelming”. She noted that social media can also be used as a “comparison tool”.

“I think you can fall into a trap and when you do that when you wear it like that,” she said. “Even myself, I’m like, ‘I quit Instagram,’ you know, so I try to minimize usage as much as possible, but it’s certainly addictive.”

Source: DisneyCobie Smulders says her husband knows Marvel’s secrets “because we share a room.”

Like most MCU stars, Cobie couldn’t say much about his upcoming role in Marvel’s limited series Secret Invasion. With plot points that are sure to tie into future films and characters, we couldn’t help but ask who in his inner circle is privy to this information.

“I mean, my husband knows everything because we share a room,” she laughed. “And my kids, like, they know a little bit, but… they’re not like sneaking around inside.”

While Cobie’s immediate family may ask her for Kevin Feige’s master plan, the How I Met Your Mother star noted that the cinematic universe has become so huge that “it’s even hard for anyone in these movies to keep up.”

Well, with countless characters, movies, and limited series, we certainly understand why.


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