See how to have your RG, CPF, CNH and voter registration on your PHONE: simplified step by step

See how to have documents available on your cell phone! Yes, it is possible! In addition to being more practical, safe and comfortable, it is a way to avoid inconvenience with losses and theft. There are only advantages to doing away with paper documents in your pocket.

The digital transformation process underway in the lives of all of us has achieved important results. Care is needed, knowing that the induced change is not neutral and therefore generates choices. This will be discussed in the text below taking into account the centrality of digital competences.

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Paper is going extinct: documents go to mobile

The main obstacle to the total digitization of personal documents is security. While in the past it was customary to keep data on internal servers to ensure data security, cloud-based analytics platforms have gained increasing interest in recent years.

Google, Facebook and Amazon are all big companies. They all make a lot of money. All sanctioned by the National Commission for Computing and Liberties of France (CNIL) in 2021. In question, several failures in the protection of the digital data of its customers. Therefore, many people’s fear of dealing with the internet is justified.

They are gaining the trust of companies and governments thanks to their numerous advantages. In particular, the client company’s lack of responsibility for the software, services or hardware, as well as the resulting cost reduction. Some industries, such as banking or the public sector, however, must only host their data on-premises to ensure data confidentiality.

Yes, just as we no longer go to the bank as often as we used to and read in digital format, we also don’t want to carry a lot of documents in our pockets when leaving home. After all, we run the risk of losing or spoiling them.

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What documents can be scanned and out of the wallet?

To start scanning your documents, it’s worth taking a look at the app store on your Android or iOS phone. There are already applications for Driver’s License, Identity Card, Work Card, Transit Card, Digital CPF, wallets from various class entities, clubs, etc.

Just download the application and follow the instructions to use the virtual documents in the same way as you use the paper document. Many people fear data theft, but those responsible for document application services assure that this possibility does not exist. Nowadays, having control of our personal data has become essential. Not just for our physical security or to prevent identity theft, but also under the right to be forgotten established in 2014 by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

In conclusion, data breach can be likely to cause a high risk to rights and freedoms. Responsible bodies have an obligation to directly inform data subjects that their data has been compromised and published online.

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