The one detail that ruined Chloë Grace Moretz’s crush on Johnny Depp


Tim Burton, who was never shy about constantly casting Johnny Depp, made a movie starring Johnny and Chloë Grace Moretz in 2011 called “Dark Shadows.” At the time, Moretz told Vogue UK that she had a crush on the actor, but it was put off by a quirk. “I had a crush on him before I started,” she told the channel at age 14, “but then I realized he has a daughter who was just two years younger. [than] me, and then I thought ‘Maybe not’.

She also told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2012 that she had a crush on Simon Baker, who cast her in her first big role at the age of 6. So maybe it’s more of an admiration situation? She also told the channel in the same interview that Johnny was the epitome of a father while filming “Dark Shadows” together. “He’s a regular guy… I would look at him and think, ‘Wow, you’re a dad,’” she told SMH. “He’s so sweet. When they say ‘cut’, he’s just Johnny. When they say ‘action,’ he is his character.”

It’s clear that Moretz had a lot of love for Johnny during their time on set – although the age discrepancy between her and her daughter, Lily-Rose Depp, may have been off-putting. In fact, age concerns have been a constant in Moretz’s career, and she’s talked a lot about it.


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