“They must have reset the VAR machine”; CBF ‘rolls up’ and Palmeiras’ charge continues in Marcelo de Lima Henrique

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Many are waiting for the entity to publish the analysis on the official website, precisely after blatant complaints from Verdão

Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF - Refereeing against Galo irritated Palmeiras.
Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF – Refereeing against Galo irritated Palmeiras.

O palm trees achieved an extremely important result in the game against Atlético-MG, in the middle of Mineirão, by 1 to 0, following comfortably at the top and getting closer to achieving the long-awaited title. The team led by Abel Ferreira reached 60 points and opened a 9-point advantage over Fluminense, which comes right behind.

However, the situation during the 90 minutes irritated Verdão a lot. Completely dissatisfied with the performance of arbitration in 2022, the board has decided that it will go to the CBF early next week to formally complain about ‘unacceptable errors’ that the club believes it has been a victim of throughout the season.

At the post-match press conference, football director Anderson Barros took the floor to comment on the refereeing. The main complaint is against VAR: “The referee may have made most of the correct decisions, but when he needed what would be the tool that would facilitate the decisions, once again an extremely gross error in not scoring the penalty on top of Atuesta. And he didn’t even call the referee for a decision. And we can say more: when the first Dodô cart happened on top of Mayke, the first one would be yellow and then we would have an expulsionhe stressed.

On social media, journalist Alexandre Gariglia, from LANCE!, questioned the CBF’s delay in publishing the analysis regarding VAR and refereeing after the game between São Paulo and Minas Gerais: “Apparently they must have reset the VAR machine of Atlético-MG x Palmeiras. Almost 40 hours after the end of the game and no analysis on the CBF website”he wrote.

It is worth remembering that Alviverde also felt harmed in Libertadores, but now focuses on national problems, citing decisions of the referees managed by the CBF: “We had a problem in the recent past in the Copa do Brasil. Until today we have not had an explanation. We came to play in a very difficult and extremely competitive Brazilian Championship. We came to play at Mineirão with a team like Atlético-MG and once again we had the interference of the referee and, mainly, of the VARsaid Barros.

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