Updated Pixel battery widget and now shows device autonomy time

Google last year launched a new widget for Pixel phones, allowing owners to view phone battery information in an icon pinned to the home screen. This feature has been updated with improvements in functionality and new functions for users, displaying not only the percentage, but also the estimated autonomy.

According to information, after the update the widget also starts to inform the percentage of the battery of devices that are connected to the cell phone, but for now limited to big tech’s own devices.

Apparently, this improvement was added by the developer starting with version v1.1.0.476812811 of the Settings Services in the beta build of the Android 13 operating system, suggesting that the feature could reach everyone through the Pixel Feature Drop as soon as the stable version of the software is released by the company.

For now, we don’t know if Google will release this widget to all phones with the next generation of Android or if it will be a feature restricted to their phones. Anyway, this update that displays the autonomy expectation comes at a good time as users are reporting power drain after updating to Android 13 beta.

In the case of other smartphones, it is possible to install third-party apps from the Play Store to get extra information about the battery, such as life expectancy, cycle counter and temperature.

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