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One of the most traditional teams in Spain, Valencia went a step beyond what is normally done by most clubs and found in Microsoft, one of the biggest technology companies in the world, a way to increase the number of fans inside their stadium.

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Last week, the company reported that thanks to the adoption of the business management tool Microsoft Dynamics 365, the club has increased the number of people who attend Valencia games by 20%.

Valencia partners with technology company to increase crowds at the stadium — Photo: DIVULGAÇÃO

A prediction algorithm was designed to assess the probability of fans’ future participation in matches, based on past behavior. As a result, the club identified the segment of fans that regularly watched the games, but had lost, for example, two of them in a row.

This was due to the club integrating and unifying all team data sources to create hyper personalized and more meaningful experiences for their fans. This pool of information came from a wide variety of sources, including sales spreadsheets, relational databases, attendance records, and concession trends.

Valencia partners with technology giant to increase audiences at its stadium – Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft

Likewise, an application was developed so that users can order food and drinks at the stadium from their seats, which has contributed to reducing queues, increasing sales revenue and increasing fan satisfaction.

– We seek to put the fan at the center of the equation in everything we do. This is just one example of how we are optimizing experiences with information. It is proven that once you study different types of data, you can understand people better – explained Franco Segarra, responsible for innovation at Valencia and with a background in IT and artificial intelligence.

In Brazil, at least publicly, there is no case in Brazil of data intelligence focused on the stadium. At Arena MRV, the future stadium of Atlético-MG, the company Meep was chosen precisely to provide something similar, achieving maximum comfort in games and events, and making available through the Super App of Arena MRV the advance purchase of food and drinks to the points of sale, in any sector of the stadium.

– Facial biometrics is a genius mechanism for enabling data in project analysis, which can be used in many different strategic applications. In addition to the security issue, technology today is essential for companies to expand the quality of the customer experience. Implementation costs are high, but the benefits of reducing queues and managing people generate a great impact on customer loyalty -commented Samuel Ferreira, CEO of Meep, a company that aims to bring innovation in the consumption experience, both for companies and for customers.

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Atlético-MG stadium already has about 14 thousand seats installed — Photo: Reproduction Arena MRV

Trying to keep the local traditions and cultures and keep involving the passionate side of the fans were not left aside, but linked to the technology itself. An example of this occurred during the pandemic, when more than 1,500 members, over 70 years old, received calls from players like Ricardo Arias and Miguel Tendillo, legends of Valencia in the 80s and 90s.

“All this is possible because now we know more about the fans and their experience,” added Segarra.

Mestalla Stadium, home of Valencia — Photo: DISCLOSURE

As a next step, Valencia intends to study new ways to reward and recognize the loyalty of its fans and continue to look for different alternatives to respond to their needs.

One of the leading experts in innovation and new technologies in sports and entertainment in the country, Feel The Match CEO Bruno Maia explains how this model has been working outside the country.

– The fancentricity model has been developed for at least eight years in clubs in Europe with more emphasis. The partnership of clubs like Valencia with Microsoft is also reflected in others in Europe, like Hoffenheim with SAP. IBM started such a program with Corinthians years ago. It is a path that should grow in the country with the arrival of SAFs and a greater concern to maximize revenues in that segment of fans more capable of consuming in volume and also in recurrence – he explained.

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