VAR sees Ângelo’s slip in Santos’ canceled penalty against Athletico-PR; see dialog

CBF released this Thursday the VAR audio of Santos’ 2-0 victory over Athletico-PR, in Vila Belmiro, for the 28th round of the Brazilian Championship. The match was played on Tuesday. The annulment of a penalty for Peixe angered the fans of the home team.

With the clock ticking 25 minutes into the first half, Ângelo received a good pass from Marcos Leonardo and fell into the area while trying to dribble the goalkeeper. Braulio da Silva Machado (SC) then scored a penalty. However, after reviewing the bid in VAR, he changed his mind.

Responsible for commanding VAR at the time, Rodrigo D Alonso Ferreira (SC) alerted the referee that the Santos striker slipped and suggested a review of the bid.

“He slips before reaching the goalkeeper. The defender doesn’t do any load on him either”, says the video referee. “The player slips. He hits the goalkeeper”, answers Braulio, who cancels the penalty and scores a corner for Alvinegro Praiano.

Even with the penalty cancelled, Santos won the match, 2-0, with goals from Luan and Bento (against). With the result, Peixe went to 37 points, in 10th place in the Brazilian Championship. Athletico-PR, in turn, is in sixth, with 44.

See the arbitration dialogue:

VAR: “I’ll check the APP, okay, Braulio?”

Referee: Penalty shot. Go check the APP

AVAR: Okay, wait, Braulio. There are two APPs, ok?

VAR: The goalkeeper is stopped, ok? I want to see through this one. He slips. Come back to me, Gabriel.

VAR: Look, he slips, goalkeeper is stopped, okay? He slips and goes on top of the goalkeeper. Now I want to see…the goalkeeper doesn’t make a move. Now I want to see the APP.

AVAR: He slips before here, stays up to the field mark, okay, D’Alonso? PGM showed an image behind the goal that shows him slipping well before the touch, ok?

VAR: He slips before reaching the goalkeeper. Look

Referee: Yes, it slips. That’s what I didn’t get

VAR: And the defender doesn’t do any load on him either

Referee: Rodrigo, field decision. I need to see who threw it out to restart. The player slips, he who hits the goalkeeper.

VAR: That’s right. And the goalkeeper later…the goalkeeper then throws it out.

Referee: Okay, corner.

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