Vasco and Londrina draw 1-1 in the 32nd round of Série B

The direct confrontation for a spot in the G4 between Vasco and Londrina ended up benefiting Sport. Today (29), in the duel marked by the failure of goalkeeper Matheus Nogueira in the Vasco goal, the teams drew 1-1 in São Januário, for the 32nd round of Serie B, and kept open the dispute for access to the elite of the Brasileirão.

Cruz-Maltino remained in fourth place, with 49 points, three more than Tubarão, which resumes fifth place. However, Sport also reached 46 points (only behind on goal difference: 1-0) by beating Náutico 2-1 yesterday (28) and, even in sixth, returned to the dispute for one of the vacancies. in Serie A 2023.

The home team started better and opened the scoring in the 12th minute, with Andrey Santos, after an absurd failure by Matheus Nogueira, who left the goal to defend a kick-in and missed the ball. Londrina balanced the match and tied in the first half, with Caprini.

Who did well: Andrey saints

With his rival further back, Vasco’s midfielder appeared in the area, scoring a goal and missing another great opportunity at the end of the first stage. He didn’t hide from the game and was also a key player in setting up the bids.

Who was wrong: Everything goes wrong for Matheus Nogueira

The Londrina goalkeeper had a night to forget in São Januário. He failed to try to stop a kick-in and left the ball just enough for Andrey Santos to head into the empty goal. At the end of the first half he felt a thigh injury. He still tried to stay on the field, but had to leave before the break.

Vasco’s performance: Pushed by the crowd

The Caldeirão formed in São Januário dictated the impetus of Cruz-Maltino at the beginning of the game, until they scored. Without showing any evolution, the team did not keep up the pressure, saw the opponent draw and, only then, returned to attack, once again pushed by the stands, which already shared support corners with boos.

Londrina’s performance: Positioning and balance

The Tubarão showed more organization, with the players well distributed on the lawn. Further back, the team went to the attack only ‘in good spirits’ and counted on the opponent’s lack of aim to maintain equality away from home.

game chronology

Mandaca had two chances in the 5th minute, stopping the first on Gabriel Santos and, on the rebound, on goalkeeper Thiago Rodrigues, who defended with his face. Despite this move, the hosts dominated the start of the duel.

At 11′, Andrey Santos received from Nenê in midfield and gave a sugary pass for Raniel to appear face to face with goalkeeper Matheus Nogueira. The striker had freedom and time to think, but when it was time to finish he made a big mistake and sent him out. In the next minute, however, the archer decided to make life easier for Andrey and came out very badly to defend a throw-in, leaving the goal empty and the ball in the measure for the midfielder to open the scoring.

The goal cooled the match, which was very tight in midfield, without any great play. Until, at 39′, the visitors won the tie. Mandaca won the tackle with Paulo Victor and the ball went to Caprini, who hit with his left leg and hit the corner of Thiago Rodrigues.

The equality encouraged Vasco, who returned to be more aggressive. In the 42′, Raniel returned the gift and gave a pass for elevation for Andrey to appear free in the area of ​​Londrina. However, the rapport between the two extended until the end, as once again the ball went to the left of the goal.

Raniel again missed a great chance with just 2′ to go. Launched at speed, he appeared behind the defense and came face to face with the goalkeeper once again, but he tried to make a dig and made the defender’s life easier.

Vasco started to control the ball possession and launched the attack, however without being able to create clear chances. At 21, Alex Teixeira tried to dribble past goalkeeper Albino, fell and asked for a penalty, but nothing was scored. Andrey, with a header, took paint off the post at 26′. Shortly after, Erick filled his foot, but the goalkeeper palmed.

Gegê had the two best opportunities to give Tubarão the victory. At 33′, he hit low and Thiago Rodrigues held it. Five minutes later, Caprini crossed, Alan Ruschel volleyed and he had time to dominate in the small area, but sent it over the crossbar.

Between the two moves, Léo Matos gave a firmer arrival on Danilo Peu and revolted the players of the Paraná club, who wanted the expulsion of the side. The referee gave nothing on the field and the VAR also did not call for a review, but the Londrina striker, who had entered the second stage, had to leave the field injured.

Team leaves the field booed

Right after the referee’s final whistle, the stands in São Januário started to boo the cast and shout ‘team without shame’ to the players, who quickly left the field, without even giving interviews.

Criticism started during the match, but they were concentrated on Raniel, the top scorer of Gigante da Colina in the season lost two goals in the goalkeeper’s face and, when he was substituted in the 13′ of the second half, he received a shower of boos from the crowd.

next matches

The clubs return to the field for the 33rd round of Serie B. Londrina plays on Monday (3), at 8 pm, when they visit Guarani, in Campinas. A day later, on Tuesday (4), at 7pm, Vasco goes to Ponta Grossa to face Operário-PR.


Serie B of the Brazilian Championship – 32nd round
Date: September 29, 2022, Thursday
Time: 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Place: São Januário Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (Fifa/GO)
assistants: Guilherme Dias Camilo (Fifa/MG) and Cristhian Passos Sorence (GO)
VAR: Rodrigo D’Alonso Ferreira (SC)
goals: Andrey Santos, at 12’/1st (VAS); Caprini, at 39’/1st (LON).
Yellow cards: Eguinaldo and Yuri Lara (VAS); Jefferson and Mandaca (LON)
Public: 19,803 gifts (19,216 paying);
Income: BRL 548,028.00

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Léo Matos, Danilo Boza, Anderson Conceição and Paulo Victor (Edimar); Yuri Lara, Andrey Santos and Nenê (Alex Teixeira); Marlon Gomes (Gabriel Pec), Eguinaldo (Figueiredo) and Raniel (Erick). Technician: jorginho

LONDON: Matheus Nogueira (Matheus Albino); Jeferson (Samuel Santos), Vilar, Saimon and Alan Ruschel; João Paulo, Mandaca, Emerson Souza (Pedro Cacho), Gegê and Caprini; Gabriel Santos (Danilo Peu and, later, Nadson). Technician: Adilson Batista

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