Monthly Archives: September 2022

10 AWESOME Series Characters Available in Streams

Every year that passes we are introduced to a range of fascinating characters that are often in remarkable stories that we follow season after season. Some plots are mysterious, others make you reflect on decades ago… each one contributes to the creative process being such that we can’t take our …

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Couple kicked out of stadium after alleged sex in the stands

posted on 08/31/2022 17:54 The moment the lovebirds were approached by security guards – (Credit: Playback/Twitter/Blog TO) A couple was spotted on Monday (29/8) having sex in the stands during a baseball game between the Blue Jays and Chicago Cubs in Toronto, Canada. The alleged act was filmed by fans …

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How to send confidential emails – and with validity

– Reading time: 2 minutes – Did you know that there is a way to send emails and attachments, using Gmail’s private mode, to prevent confidential information from being accessed without authorization? This mode is perfect for anyone who wants to be sure their information is safe. If you want …

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