9 tips to avoid scams involving your NFC card

Check out tips to not fall for the NFC scam

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According to the Brazilian Association of Credit Card Companies and Services (Abecs), out of every 4 credit card transactions, 1 is done by approximation via NFC. And the estimate is that by the end of this year the modality will represent half of the transactions in Brazil.

Faced with this, the attacks of the scammers also grow. In fact, Procon-SP issued an alert for the type of crime: “There are reports of people who have been victims of criminals approaching machines that use this technology – known as NFC – and debiting credit and debit card amounts.”

Therefore, it is essential to know how to protect yourself and avoid scams with the NFC card. Below, check out 9 tips.

Tips for not falling for the NFC scam

  1. use protective covers on the card, made of materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum and plastic. In this way, it will not be possible to read NFC or improper operations.
  2. Register the card in smartwatch or mobile. Thus, transmission via NFC will only be authorized after confirmation on the devices.
  3. disable the function of NFC. In short, the request can be made through the app or with the card company.
  4. reduce the limit value for contactless purchases via NFC.
  5. use wallets metal coated. Or, some kind of special material and devices can block the action of approaching machines.
  6. Cover your card with laminated paper. Therefore, it will not be possible to make a purchase via NFC.
  7. Use the virtual card when choosing to shop online.
  8. Check the debt amount. When making a payment via NFC, look at the amount the seller is charging you to make sure the amount is correct.
  9. Finally, if your card has been cloned, enter contact the administrator and ask to lock it.

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