a 48 hour engagement

Just two days after the announcement of the engagement, Tamara Falcó separated from Iñigo Onieva: and this outcome is causing the attention of the Spanish media and, now, it reaches the internationals. On social media, the sister of singer Enrique Iglesias and daughter of the late Marquis de Griñón, Carlos Falcó, and Isabel Preysler, made it known to the general public that she was going to tie the knot, on Thursday of last week, and deleted publication the following Saturday. That is, after 48 hours.

But this unexpected break has an explanation: on Friday, 24 hours after Tamara shared with her followers that she was getting married, a video was made public in which Iñigo Onieva appears kissing another woman, a recording on which the ex-fiancé de Tamara Falcó has already spoken, and apologized to her then companion and her family.

“It was an unacceptable attitude, which I regret very much. I’m sorry and broken”, she said. Although he is aware that he has hurt Tamara, he guarantees that he remains “completely in love with her” and stresses that she is “the woman in her life”.

“I think everything happens for a reason and I want to apologize and thank you for the investigative work that the media has done, otherwise I would never have found out. Despite being a very complicated situation, I am very grateful”, said, in turn, the marquise, in what were her first statements in the aftermath of the end of the engagement.

“When I saw the second video, everything changed. For me marriage is a promise of eternal love and I’m glad you’re out of this relationship now, because I see love in a different way. I want someone who has the same values ​​as me and who treats me with respect and trust. It’s the basis of any love relationship and I did it until the tests were overwhelming, but I don’t regret anything”, observed the 41-year-old socialite, not shying away from stressing that her former partner has a different notion of love than hers. , and she made this speech in her first public appearance, at an event in Madrid, having been received with applause and decided to speak honestly to the journalists present.

“He always denied. If I had known all this, we wouldn’t have gotten to this point. I’m glad I trusted God and I believe this happened for a reason. From now on it can only get better”, concluded Tamara, who no longer follows Iñigo, 33, on social media. And vice versa. The two had been in a relationship since 2020 and, according to the Spanish press, the couple would celebrate their union in the summer of next year.

The shortest marriages in history

But this isn’t the only marriage that didn’t happen and, apparently, it had everything to go right. And, on the other hand, it meets the extensive list of the shortest engagements in (celebrity) history that begins with the 55 hours of singer Britney Spears with schoolmate Jason Alexander. In second place, there are four days of actor Nicolas Cage and makeup artist Erika Koike: after a year of dating, they exchanged rings and, shortly after the end of the relationship, Cage admitted that he was “not sober enough to get married”.

Soon after, we find nine days of musicians Cher and Gregg Allman: the artist had just divorced when she tied the knot with Allman and, when everything went wrong, explained that she didn’t know he was a drug addict. Then come the model and actress Carmen Electra and former basketball player Dennis Rodman who, in 1998, decided to get married after a party that took place in Las Vegas, having admitted that this had been the result of precipitation. Also model and actress Pamela Anderson and producer Jon Peters were married for 12 days, having dated 30 years earlier. However, financial problems will have led to the separation.

In 2008, actor Eddie Murphy and businesswoman Tracey Edmonds exchanged rings on January 1, on a beach on the island of Bora Bora, but later revealed, in statements to the media, that they had made “a mistake”. A close friend of Tracey’s revealed that Eddie had become very “bossy and physically intimidating” and insisted that his mother accompany them on their honeymoon. Former Miss USA Ali Landry and actor Mario Lopez were married for 18 days: seven years later, Lopez confessed to cheating on his then-fiancée during his bachelor party.

Pamela Anderson appears again on the list for having married American poker player Rick Salomon in 2007 in the American city of Las Vegas, but having asked for the annulment of the marriage 60 days later. It’s because? It is not known, but the couple resumed the relationship and remarried seven years later: and the marriage did not last long, only 15 months.

In 2013, influencer Kim Kardashian married NBA star Chris Humphries, after seven months of dating, and the marriage was even broadcast during the reality show Keeping Up With Kardashians. 72 days later, Kim filed for divorce: after the separation, her ex-husband suffered from psychological problems and her mental health was a topic in the media.

And, like Pamela Anderson, Nicolas Cage occupies another place on this list, as he also married singer Lisa Marie Presley, in Hawaii, in 2002, and the occasion was marked by the 25th anniversary of the death of the bride’s father, the legendary Elvis Presley. The actor spared no effort and bought his wife an engagement ring with a six-carat yellow diamond valued at thousands of dollars, but three months later everything came to a sad end: the actor filed for divorce and Lisa assured that it was all nothing but an error.

Actor Colin Farrell and actress Amelia Warner were together for four months. Farrell even tattooed his companion’s nickname, ‘Millie’, on his ring finger, saying that both were too young to have married in such a short space of time between dating and exchanging vows and rings. It’s just that, at that time, Farrell was 24 years old and Warner was 19.

And for four months only actor Bradley Cooper and dancer Jennifer Esposito were together. They got married on December 30, 2006 and after 16 weeks they filed for divorce due to “too many differences” between them.

Two more months are added to the marriage of actress Drew Barrymore and actor Tom Green, who decided to say the famous ‘yes’ in 2001. But six months later, they said exactly the same as Farrell and Warner.

Another month is added to the union of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, which, if we take into account the varied times of dating and separation, lasted 10 years. But, officially, they got married in 2019 and, apparently, while the actor wanted to start building a family and ‘settle down’, Cyrus had other plans, wanting to live more experiences before having added responsibilities.

At his side, Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd got married two months after they met and, after nine months, they were already divorced due to “irreconcilable differences”.

At the opposite extreme, after Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens, we have Meryl Streep and Don Gummer, whose first meeting was in 1978, after which Gummer decided to offer Meryl an apartment because of the death of her husband, John Cazale, from cancer. of the lung. They would marry six months later, on September 30, 1978.

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