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It was not on the night of this Friday that Bahia ended the fast as a visitor in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. Tricolor even came out ahead on the scoreboard, but ended up being defeated 3-1 by Chapecoense, at Arena Condá, in Chapecó.

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Enderson Moreira at a press conference — Photo: EC Bahia / Reproduction

At the press conference after the match, coach Enderson Moreira recognized the team’s difficulty in scoring points as a visitor. Bahia has not yet won away from Salvador in the second round of Serie B and has already accumulated seven consecutive matches without victories away from home.

– Unfortunately, the team has not been consistent away from home, although today I think we had a game in which, with a little more whim, we could have left here with a good result. We argued for this. But we need to find that way out of the house again – said Enderson.

The coach recalled that the next match is again away from Salvador and projected a quick recovery to seek a better result against Novorizontino.

“I think we have to pick up the pieces of today, prepare for the next confrontation”, he summarized.

When asked about the game, the coach said that Bahia deserved a better result. In Enderson’s opinion, after a balanced first half, the Tricolor came to dominate the actions in part of the second stage, but collapsed after suffering the upset of the hosts.

– The first half was balanced. Maybe Chape, with more set pieces, which are dangerous, but without the game leaning to either side. I think we took what we had of chances. The second half begins. We concede the goal very quickly. After 1-1, we are in control of the game. We create situations to make it 2 to 1, on a chance from Ricardo Goulart, which Saulo made a good save.

– First, a foul. Then a corner. It was 2-1, and we didn’t have the strength to react, to try to control a little more, create situations, to tie the game. We are very sorry, of course. But we had, for a while, control of the game, creating situations, not giving the Chapecoense team so much counterattack, which is always very dangerous in this action. After 2-1, yes. Then we got disorganized. They were closer to the third goal, as it happened, than we were to tying the game – concluded the coach.

Now the cast of Bahia has a brief rest until next Tuesday, when it returns to the field for another commitment as a visitor in Serie B of the Brazilian Championship. The match will be against Novorizontino, at the Jorge Ismael de Biasi Stadium, starting at 21:30 (Brasília time).

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– I came here knowing that. A very peaceful thing. The same thing is Botafogo. There is no rancor, no disappointment. The club has an owner from that moment on, and he does what he wants to do. In Botafogo, what happened is that the way the owner did it was inelegant. It was not a humanized form. I think, for everything that happened, I could have been communicated in a different way, not by the press. It’s the only question. He, as the owner of the club, has every right to do what he thinks has to be done. Likewise here. It will be a process. Of course, City have a much greater structure and know-how in this type of acquisition. They know very well how to do it. We have to develop a work, without creating expectations, trying to make, mainly, with that Bahia can conquer its objective in the season.

Option for Rezende
– It’s because we already play with Mugni, who is a midfielder, who plays as a defensive midfielder. What we did was just put Mugni in the role he played the most. He was always a midfielder. And we put a steering wheel. So we didn’t make any structural changes, to make the team more defensive or offensive. By characteristic, we made Mugni doing the function that Daniel does. And we put Rezende in this other function.

Davó’s departure
– He was already feeling it, with 30 minutes of the first half. In the last 15 years, we already wanted to make the substitution. He asked to try some more. But it was inevitable. He already arrived in the locker room saying that he would not be able to continue. It’s a muscle discomfort.

Three defenders?
– It might be. Everything we do, we remember a time when it worked and when it didn’t. We have already won with a line of five, with three defenders. Already lost with a line of five. He’s already won with a line of four, he’s already lost with a line of four. It’s a situation that happens. That’s not what defines. If that was what defined the result, it was very easy for anyone to be a coach. Not quite. We had important losses and are trying to look for ways in which we have the possibility, of athletes who were having a great time.

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