Apartment of only 7 m² has rent of R$ 3.4 thousand in New York | apartments

A native of Missouri, 25-year-old Alaina Randazzo recently traded her apartment in a luxury skyscraper for a micro-apartment measuring just 7 m². That’s right, you got it right. She pays US$650 in rent for the place, which corresponds to approximately R$3,400 – almost R$10,000 less than what she paid in the previous building.

The resident had difficulty finding a sofa that would fit in the apartment — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

The property has a living room integrated with the kitchen, equipped only with a sink, microwave and a closet with two doors. The place also has a shelf and, above it, a television mounted on the wall. At the front, the space is complete with a sofa bed and a closet.

Bed is only 45 cm from the ceiling — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

A small staircase leads to the bed, which is only 45 cm away from the ceiling. Another detail: the place does not have a bathroom, but that does not bother the lessee, who uses the private bathroom located in the hallway, next to her door.

Alaina and Caleb in a video on YouTube — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Alaina’s story became famous after showing her apartment in a video by youtuber Caleb Simpson, which has more than 5,200 views. She shares her home with her dog, Pimento, who attends a dog spa.

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