Atlético Mineiro’s SAF starts to go wrong and the club may go bankrupt without opening a new stadium

Miner rooster
Miner rooster

The financial situation of Atletico Mineiro is the most delicate on the national scene, the club must 1.2 billion reais in the square and still doesn’t know how to pay. O rooster lives under the expectation of the inauguration of its stadium in Belo Horizonte, but also of being able to place the project of SAF to take off, however, the first steps were not good.

According to information released by the Itatiaia Radiothe Qatari billionaire, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, owner of PSG even showed interest in buying a considerable percentage of the rooster, but dropped out of contention. The businessman would have given up after receiving the demands of the rooster for sale, how not to include the Club CT and the stadium in the project.

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“In fact, there was an initial conversation, but this matter did not advance. What we know is that this duo will not take over Atlético”said Henrique André, sector manager at roosterat Itatiaia Radio. O Atletico Mineiro races against time to be able to design the entire agreement of the SAF still in 2022counting on investments in football for the following year.

“The tendency is for an investment fund to be the buyer of the SAF of the rooster. The intention of the summit is for the club to have 40% of shares. The assets (social clubs, Rooster City, MRV Arena) would stay with the association. Only football would go to SAF. There are interested parties, about 16 who signed the letter of intent. Half of that number, in fact, is in the fray. The idea, the expectation is that now in November there will be a definition”, completes Henrique.

Interested City Group?

According to information gathered by the Itatiaia Radio from Minas Gerais, the City Group would be one of the conglomerates that signed the letter with intent to buy. but the owner of Manchester City decided to buy the Bahia and awaits internal approval to take over the Bahian club. Despite having shown a desire to acquire the roosterended up advancing in the Northeast.

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