“Boy, if he said that, it’s because…”; Marcos Rocha sends the real live about Anderson Barros at Palmeiras and a statement reaches the fans

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Right-back participated in ESPN’s Bola da Vez program

- Marcos Rocha and Anderson Barros
© Photos: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF and Cesar Greco/Palmeiras– Marcos Rocha and Anderson Barros

Anderson Barros is a manager who has always divided opinions among fans. When he was hired, a lot of people criticized him for understanding that he might not work out, since the last jobs were not exciting. On the other hand, there were those who supported and argued that the manager’s profile was ideal for Verdão at that time.

Whenever Palmeiras is defeated in an important game or eliminated, criticism of the top hat appears. But internally, the leader has a lot of prestige. Abel Ferreira has already praised several times and said that he was the best in the role he had ever worked with. Now it was right-back Marcos Rocha’s turn to praise Anderson Barros for the choices made.

“Our team is very cold. People ask: ‘What happens? They take a goal and it looks like it’s the same thing’. It’s work, trust. Almost 3 years with the coach. Work very well developed, leadership very well prepared and chosen by Barros”, said one of the leaders of Verdão on ESPN’s Bola da Vez program.

Boy, if he said that about Barros, it’s because the whole group is closed with him“, said a Palmeiras fan on the web.

Marcos Rocha is highly respected within Palmeiras for all the history he built at the Club. Therefore, this type of declaration certainly has the support and agreement of the comrades. Today, Barros has the group in his hands and this is clear at every press conference.

On the field, Palmeiras’ next match will be against Botafogo, on Monday (3), in Rio e Janeiro, at Nilton Santos Stadium. O Alviverde is very close to winning the Brazilian Championship titlebut Abel wants full focus on these games to not let rivals get excited again, even more so since the tournament is not over yet.

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