Brazil reacts, changes posture, and Zé Roberto praises: “Almost perfect” | volleyball

After a bad start, the team started the reaction in the first set against China. Although he came out behind, he managed to impose himself in the sequence towards the sharpest victory in the competition. Upon leaving the court, José Roberto Guimarães said he hoped that the performance would serve as an example.

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Tainara celebrates Brazil’s point against China – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

– I think it’s important that this recovery with less than 24 hours from the defeat to Japan. Little recovery time. What really caught my attention was the change in behavior and attitude. All the time helping, trying, focused. Few mistakes. Going through difficulties, but knowing how to overcome them. We need to maintain that level to play a World Cup.

– Get out of these adversities, lose a game the day before, lose the first set. The team could collapse. But the moment we started doing the right things, more aggressive serve, defense touching the ball, we started to turn almost everything. Today was almost perfect. It was a game that we have to take as an example for the rest of the championship and for the rest of our lives.

The coach also praised the team’s aggressiveness on the court. Not just on the attack. With a firmer serve, the selection managed to break the Chinese team’s pass and make life easier for the Brazilian blockade.

Brazil celebrates in victory against China – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

– It’s not just aggression in attack or counterattack. You can be aggressive in the serve, in the defense. You cannot be passive. When the opponent realizes that… Against Japan, we were very passive. That’s why we suffered. Even though we knew that China was a great team, that they hadn’t lost a set, we believed in the team’s potential. We knew we could fight. The important thing was this overcoming and believing in the way the team believed. It was important to take a victory like that to the next round.

Back after the absence against Japan, Carol also celebrated. The center praised the team’s stance against China.

– It’s important to know how to find yourself in the game. China was at an impressive time, winning every game up until this point. It was excellent. After the first set, we were able to adjust. We are to be congratulated.

Now, Brazil is off this Sunday and awaits the results of the last round to know the order of their games in the second phase of the World Cup. In the next stage, the selection faces the classifieds of group A. Italy, Belgium, Holland and Puerto Rico have already secured the spot. The sequence of matches, however, still depends on the final definition of the bracket.

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