CBF discloses audios of the VAR of Atlético-MG x Palmeiras and causes revolt on social networks; listen up

The stomp given by Mariano in atuestawhich generated a lot of complaints from the palm trees after the 1-0 victory over Atlético-MG, it was interpreted by the referees as an accidental bid, as revealed by the audios of the VAR announced this Friday by the CBF. In the recording, Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda, who was in charge of the video refereeing, concludes that the athletican stepped on the palmeirense, but without fouling action.

“No, there’s a step there, but it’s a step, but it’s an accidental step, it’s not a faulty action”, Miranda says to the field referee, Marcelo de Lima Henrique. “From Lima, bid checked. There’s a contact underneath, an accidental step, it’s not a faulty action. Follow the decision on the field, ok?”, he adds, reiterating the decision of his companion on the field, who did not score a penalty and revolted the team from São Paulo.

The CBF also released the assessment of another indignation-generating move in Palmeiras: the disallowed goal by Breno Lopes. The VAR starts the check to identify a possible hand touch from Rafael Navarro, who played a tackle with the athletican Mariano before the ball left for Breno to score.

Referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique had a contested performance in Atlético-MG x Palmeiras.
Referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique had a contested performance in Atlético-MG x Palmeiras. Photograph: Cesar Greco/ SE Palmeiras

The referee discards the hand touch, but concludes that Navarro fouled Mariano, so the goal is ruled out. “Marcelo, follow the field decision, okay? There’s a dispute li, he bumps into the hip… foul action, ok? And it prevents the player from continuing in the game”, it is possible to hear in a snippet of the audio.

After the match, director Anderson Barros and assistant João Martins, who replaced the suspended Abel Ferreira at Mineirão, gave a press conference and detonated the performance of Marcelo de Lima de Henrique. In Barros’ view, the video team should have suggested to the referee the review on the field screen.

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“The referee may have made most of the correct decisions, but when he needed what would be the tool that would facilitate decisions, once again an extremely gross error in not taking the penalty in Atuesta and not even calling the referee for a review”, he complained. the leader.

Despite feeling harmed, Palmeiras won and further increased their advantage in the leadership of the Brasileirão, with 60 points, nine more than the vice-leader Fluminense. Abel Ferreira’s team completed 19 rounds, that is, an entire shift in first place and bears the mark of being the only one of the 20 Serie A clubs that did not lose away from home. There are eight wins and six draws in 14 matches as a visitor.

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