CBF releases VAR audio of Atlético-MG x Palmeiras almost 48 hours after the match: ‘Accidental’

Last Wednesday, the palm trees beat Atlético-MG by 1 to 0, in a duel valid for the Brazilian. Despite the triumph, Marcelo de Lima Henrique’s refereeing performance was questioned by fans and by the football director of Verdão, Anderson Barros. Almost 48 hours after the match, the VAR audio was released by the CBF.

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According to the president of the CBF Arbitration Commission, Wilson Seneme, in a meeting after the end of the first round of the Brasileirão, “the audio and video of the main VAR checks will be published within 24 hours after the match in Serie A and 48 hours in Serie B”. But the files of Atlético-MG x Palmeiras, by the tournament’s elite, were released almost two days later.

The complaints on the part of the Palmeiras come from two bids. First, a possible penalty on Atuesta. The player was stomped by side Mariano inside the opponents’ penalty area, but Marcelo de Lima Henrique chose to continue the game and was backed up by VAR, which he claims was an ‘accidental’ action.

– There’s a contact down there. There’s a step there, but it’s an accidental step, it’s not a wrongful action. The field decision follows – said Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda, video referee.

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Then Breno Lopes entered the match and scored the net, taking advantage of Rafael Navarro’s leftover. However, the referee understood that the second player in question committed a foul on the opposing defender, who was already running, and therefore disallowed a legitimate goal.

Like the field referee, the VAR understood that there was a foul action by Rafael Navarro, who displaces the opposing athlete with an entry in the hip.

– There’s a dispute there, he bumps into the hip and it’s a fouled action, ok? Prevents the player from continuing the turn. Here’s the field decision, okay? – claims video arbitration.

Given the gravity of the situation, Leila Pereira must personally go to the CBF headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro, next Monday, to reinforce the formal complaint that will be sent to the entity this week. To THROW!club sources revealed that there is a general feeling of indignation, from the squad to the highest summit in Palmeiras, even with the important victory won at Mineirão.

Check out the full VAR analysis released by the CBF below:

Possible penalty in Atuesta:

– Check it out, for me it’s a game. (Marcelo de Lima Henrique)

– OK, wait. Does not restart. There’s a contact below… (VAR)

– No, there’s a step there, but it’s an accidental step, it’s not a wrongful action. (VAR)

– ‘De Lima’, bid checked. There’s a contact underneath, an accidental step, it’s not a faulty action. Follow the field decision, okay? (VAR)

– Thanks. ‘Let’s go’, people! (Marcelo de Lima Henrique)

Rafael Navarro’s foul in the second goal:

– I made the ‘delay’ of the whistle and I missed it later, I’ll wait. (Marcelo de Lima Henrique)

– Come back, come back… I want the camera closed in this dispute… Do you have contact? I want to see if there’s contact here, camera 8… You can open it. (VAR)

– Yes, here on the hip. That shock there. Is there a better angle? There! Marcelo, follow the field decision, ok? There’s a dispute there, he bumps into the hip, foul action, ok? And prevents the player from continuing the move.

– Thanks! (Marcelo de Lima Henrique)

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