Child is shot in the face inside an ATR 72, shot when arriving for landing

ATR 72 – Image: 玄史生 / CC0, via Wikimedia Commons – AEROIN Edition

A serious occurrence was recorded this Friday (30), when a commercial plane carrying passengers and was in the final stages of landing was hit by gunfire. As a result, a child was injured in the face.

The damaged aircraft was the ATR 72 registered under registration XY-AML, from Myanmar National Airlines, which was on flight UB-149 from Naypyidaw to Loikaw, both cities in Myanmar. The plane was carrying 63 passengers.

As reported by The Aviation Herald, the aircraft was approaching for a landing at 600 feet (about 180 meters) high and 4 kilometers from runway 19 at Loikaw Airport, when it was targeted by at least three gunshots.

Myanmar ATR 72, similar to the one involved in the incident – ​​Image: Gyrostat / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The shots did not hit any critical systems, allowing the pilots to continue until an uneventful landing, however, a child on board was hit in the cheek by one of the rounds. She was referred to a local hospital, but there was still no information about her health status at the time of publishing this article.

The Myanmar Military Council confirmed the case and said the shootings were carried out by local rebels/terrorists.

Photos shared on social media show the places where the projectiles were hit in the fuselage of the aircraft. See below:

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