Convicted of rape, Robinho ‘reappears’ to declare support for Bolsonaro in the election

In silence since he was convicted in the last instance of the Italian justice for participating in a gang rape, Robinho spoke out for the first time, this Friday. The reason: to declare support for presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro in next Sunday’s election. On his Instagram account, the former player posted a photo of himself wearing the national team shirt in which he makes the number two with both hands – an allusion to the number 22, from the party of the current president of Brazil.

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The post in support of Bolsonaro won the favor of former teammates of Robinho in the Brazilian team. Kaká, Daniel Alves and Thiago Silva liked the post. The last two, by the way, are still active and are considered to be part of the group that goes to the Qatar Cup.

This is the first publication of the former striker of Santos, Atlético-MG and the Brazilian team in their networks. The last one had been on December 31, a record of the turn of the year for him and his family.

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It is not, however, the first time that Robinho has publicly supported Bolsonaro. In 2020, when Santos gave up on hiring him due to pressure from fans and sponsors, he released audio messages to friends in which he said he was persecuted by TV Globo and compared himself to the president.

“We know how it is. TV Globo is already a channel of the devil, you just have to watch the soap operas, the programming. So I am at peace, God will give victory. May God’s purpose be fulfilled in my life. I’m going to put a goal on them, we’re together. I’m going to put a shirt on when I score: Globo trash, Bolsonaro was right!”, said Robinho in one of the audios.

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In January of this year, he was convicted in the third and final instance of the Italian justice for participating in the gang rape of a young Albanian girl. The crime happened in 2013, in a nightclub in Milan. The first conviction came out in 2017.

In addition to him, his friend Ricardo Falco was convicted of participating in the crime. As they are in Brazil and the country does not extradite its own citizens, the two are at liberty.

understand the case

The victim, who says she was drunk and sexually abused by six men while she was unconscious, was celebrating her 23rd birthday. Robinho, Falco, and their defenses, in turn, claim that the relationship was consensual. The former player has not attended any hearings since the case was opened in 2016. The lower court sentence was announced the following year.

In October 2020, the striker was announced by Santos. But a series of protests, mainly on social media, caused Peixe to suspend and later terminate the contract with the player. In the same month, TV Globo released excerpts from a conversation between Robinho and friends, in which the men mocked the victim.

Two months later, in December, the pair were also convicted in the second instance, in the Milan Court of Appeal. At the time, judge Francesca Vitale, who presided over the trial, said that “the victim was humiliated and used by the player and his friends to satisfy their sexual instincts”.

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