Doctor records in photo the “death envoy” after uterus removal surgery

Photo: reproduction/social networks

An image caught the attention of netizens this week. After a surgery to remove a patient’s uterus, the doctor in charge was clicked holding the bottle with the removed organ. In the image, the silhouette that, according to the doctor, resembles that of the reaper, or death. The information is from the Page Not Found page.

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Jorge Bermejo Kawache Ortega showed the image on his TikTok account, where it went viral. On the net, many said they were scared by the “phenomenon”. “Whether or not you believe in the paranormal and another plane surrounding us, I will leave you with something to ponder: all surgeons, upon entering an operating room, constantly struggle with death to restore people to health. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. No matter how good a surgeon you are, death is always part of our work and it is always present.

“A friend of mine in Hermosillo sent me a message saying ‘check out this photo real quick’. When I opened it, the first thing I saw was the bottle, containing a uterus after an abdominal hysterectomy on a 50-year-old patient. The operation went very well, without complications, and the patient was discharged the next day. The doctor took a photo of the organ in formaldehyde to show the patient’s family. And of course the relatives saw the dark silhouette behind the bottle and were like ‘Oh my God, what the f… is this?’ They were very scared about it,” he added.

“When my friend sent me the photo, I just wanted to share it with my followers. It went viral very quickly here in Mexico, but I didn’t expect that. However, the patient was discharged the next day and was fine, so I don’t know, it was just a strange image.”

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“The spirit world is more real than this world, only many people underestimate the existence of God and Satan, who are more real than they think.”

“On the day my mother passed away, may she rest in peace, I spoke to her on Zoom and there was a black shadow next to her bed. And that night she left us.”

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